Julia Poranska

Master Course at the Faculty of Architecture and granted the Diploma of Master of Science, Engineer in Architecture

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Artist Statement

I have wide range of job experience:
In archicture and engineering office of LSMW International ( Life Total Science Solutions ), for a year I have been through a number of individual projects, using AutoCad, doing 3D STUDIO VIZ graphics. I designed covers, posters, websites graphics, fliers and visual ids ( consisting of logo, banners, catalogues, choice of paper ), invented illustrations for books and magazines. Media and advertisement design: posters, covers, boxes, is a field of my interest. I also specialize in typography. I applied digital photography in photo-sessions for various artists.

I am self-motiveted, highly skilled professional, with technical education and interests. I am creative and able to produce design concepts and artwork to tight deadlines. I'm enthusiastic, energetic and used to work on projects. I accept freelance work on unlimited hours.

I am looking for offers in media and advertismenet design, graphics for websites, letterheads and webpages, preparing all media for print and publishing. I professionally do 3D graphics, visualisations and renderings.

Julia Poranska



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