Andrew Wielawski

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"Fraud In The Name Of Charity 3"


"Fraud In The Name Of Charity 1"


"Fraud In The Name Of Charity 2"


Artist Statement:

"We lost our shirts to a promise from a crook."

What's the most successful restaurant in the world? Does it serve the best food? Art's like that, too, in that what's easily accessible isn't generally of very high quality. You can find the artists you've heard of in Miami, in Bilbao, in London, in Tokyo, or in Moscow. It's not because they're good - it's because the people that organize these shows are powerful. It's up to the public to demand that they are presented with the best art that's out there, and it's our job as artists to make statements strong enough to convince them that we're better. If we don't, then we're just pawns in a game that leads straight to the golden arches...the most successful restaurant the world has ever known.

Title; "Fraud In The Name Of Charity 1"

Medium; Photography

Description; The largest cow in the New York Cowparade 2000 street art event. Although this cow still appears
on Cowparade's own website, Cowparade president Jerry Elbaum claims it was never part of the event and the artist, myself, not paid. My patron, the European School of Economics, received no reply to their inquiries about exactly which charities got the money

Title; "Fraud In The Name Of Charity 2"

Medium; Photography

Description; Artist Nathan Wasserbauer of Cleveland, Ohio, spent his last dime making this superbly
creative and technically well done cow for Cowparade 2000. After being interviewed by several newspapers investigating Cowparade, Mr. Wasserbauer decided to move on and forget about this negative experience when the stories were cancelled by their newspapers' editors. His sponsor, the Pels Advertising Agency of Amsterdam, Holland, called Cowparade's president for word on where the money went, and after being verbally abused, were hung up on. Wasserbauer was never paid, and cheap imitations of his cow made in China are now being sold by Cowparade affiliates throughout the world.

Title; "Fraud In The Name Of Charity 3"

Medium; Photography

Description; Artist Nolde Banziger of New York made these cows for his sponsor, Bank Vontobel of Switzerland. Featured on the sides of his animals are hyper realistic images of watches and bridges, one a
trade for which Switzerland is known, and the other a symbol of the breakdown of barriers in the modern
world. Mr. Banziger spoke with a lawyer found by Cowparade AG, the originators of the Cowparade concept, from whom the idea had been appropriated, and was told, "the money's been hidden, there's no point in litigation." Beck Law, and Cowparade Holdings, have made it impossible for a weaker player such as an artist or even the original creators to have a chance of recovering losses because of the legal and political power of these two entities.

Andrew Wielawski


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