Anna Fortuny Drago

BA Honors in Fashion, Central Saint Martins College, the University of Arts of London. United Kingdom.

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1999 Group exhibition ‘The Desing Spring’ in Pati Llimona, Barcelona.

Exhibetd works from students of Llotja de Barcelona, Saragevo Institut and Central Saint Martins College of Londres.

May 2005 Outfit made fot the fashion show in order to celebrate the 50th L’Orel Anniversary, the venue was in The V&A in London.


Artist statement:

My starting point was to find a strong concept. Te concept is ‘balance’ as it is the name of the piece. For me ‘balance’ is the essential thing in life, one achieves peace and real happiness when ‘balance’ is found. When some matter worries too much is because it alters the shape or breaks our internal equilibrium. ‘Balance’ is something fluid, it is provide with an entrance and an exit. ‘Balance’ is an abstract idea that changes, it is liable to alteration but it is still strong. To represent this fluidity the circle was my favourite.As ‘balance’ is one of the essential things in life, I started to think about essential tools. I was lucky to have this very old rope from a very old ship, probably it might had been very useful for the old fisherman that never found ‘balance’ in his life.

Anna Fortuny Drago

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