Anthony Elliott

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Artist Statement:

Elliott Conceptual Art

I expose the viewer to look at life in the twenty first century intimately and to acknowledge human existence . I make art that involves or relates to electronic equipment, engines, organs, chance, light, sound, gravity, time, motion, interaction and reaction.
With a juxtaposition of science, technology and art I create pieces that involve interaction on different levels. You can talk to a sculpture then be herd by other viewers or listen to a painting that translates its shapes into sounds or watch a piece of arts one minute history as it was being created. This gives the viewer a physical and mental connection and with the use of interaction within a gallery helps to provide the completion for my art.
I like to experiment with concepts and materials that are alien to art to embrace the innovative. I feel it is very important to move forward to ultimately pioneer in your field of art. To sustain the potency in my concepts I keep them as simple as possible and my creative process is forever fluid. The quest for knowledge and the development of experimental and traditional skills is a key part of the process. However experimental projects are problematic, but this is beneficial as I have created techniques accidentally through solving problems and used them for future projects. I feel this is when art gets interesting, when ideas fall into your lap effortlessly.
This is one of the reasons I like to work with chance, it gives me freedom when working potentially on a infinite scale of chance to addictively further conclude. But fundamentally I feel it is important not to be restricted and be able to branch out or focus in conceptually and aesthetically.

Selected Exhibitions

Exhibition title Venue Art sold
BTHQ British Telecom, St Martins(London) Eye £4 000
Mick Jagger centre Exhibition Mick Jagger Centre (Dartford)
Candid Arts Exhibition 3 Torrens St, London
GSK Hire Brain Harlow Brain£23 000
Deluxe Gallery Hoxton Square, London
Cybersonica Science Museum, Dana Centre
Cybersonica The Old Truman Brewery
MediumMagazine’s Exhibition London

I have recently been invited to three separate Saatchi opening nights.
New Blood, The Galleon &The Triumph of Painting

Ear will be at the:
Science Museum’s Dana Centre,
165 Queens Gate,
South Kensington,
London SW7 5HE
(28th - 29th April).
Tickets are free but must be booked: T: 0207942 4040

And then at:
The Old Truman Brewery,
Brick Lane,
London E1
(30th April - 1st May)
1 day compass £35
1 day proPass £60

For a four day visual & sound Festival titled Cybersonica.
For details visit:


Concept: The ear is designed to induce the viewer to interact and create random sound events in an exhibition environment. A minidisc is recording, so in turn will be played back the following day through a speaker in the gallery while people are again interacting with the Ear thus creating an overlapping loop. I see this as an opportunity for the viewers to express their selves creatively with no boundaries. Therefore, the ear is a tool to inspire the public to create a piece of sound art that will reflect conflicting views and cultures in a true light. There will be no need for me to engage in editing, as when the lights and the green beam of the oscilloscope are triggered, the recording will automatically commence. I am interested in the mundane view through to views that can smash political correctness, but as a chaotic piece of art, nobody can speculate the out come of which I feel is truly exciting.

Description: Made from acrylic, petg, hard wood, stainless steel, oscilloscope, sound to light kit, microphones, minidisc, leather and light diffuser.
2004-2005. 150x154cm

Anthony Elliott

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