Benjamin Lucas

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advertising caddy2




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cd organizer






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rotative assembly


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rotative system2


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shoe sole2








Artist Statement:

1st Class degree diploma in Product Design (4years) at the Pivaut design school of nantes (france) my career began in 3D Modelling, where i demonstated my initiative and my efficienty due to the quality of my work.

My 2 others professional experiences as draughtsman/designer learned me a lot about the industrial process and technicity. Now my formatting is rigorous, precise and careful, i'm well-organized and now i would like to fit into a product design team in Uk.

Professional experience :

Alsim flight simulators gave me experience of 3d modelling, mapping and rendering (3dstudioMax) dealing with clients, team work as well as self direction and marketing. Also involved in International flight Show Exhibitions.

TBS shoes gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the industrial process, i used to work with the design team as modeller : creation of a shoe prototype starting from the designers sketchs.

"Drive-up" learned me how to design complete motorised advertising systems but by knowing the product costs that must be low.i used to develop metal/plastic pieces and machines using solidworks soft. I also had the opportunity to visit manufacturers (especially plastic professionals) & then to learn the different kinds of plastic production.


Benjamin Lucas

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