Brendan Young (Product Design)

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'Recycled Sound'



'Love Series'


'The Art Garage'


Artist Statement:

'Sustainability with a smile' pieces in collaboration with Italian designer Vanessa Battaglia.

1: 'Recycled Sound'
Flat speakers created from old records with NXT flat panel technology,
'Sound Chandeliere'(pictured), also as Wall of Sound and Sound Flowers.
Made as large sound installation pieces or smaller limited edition products.

Materials:Vinyl records, aluminium, NXT components.
Award: British Interior Design Association award for outstanding design
May 2004

2: 'Love Series'
Bouncing Back. Furniture using reject tennis balls. It takes an estimated 1,000,000 years for a tennis ball to bio-degrade, and approximately 1% of them are faulty, this series of massaging furniture utilizes these reject balls and gives them a new longer life and cheers them up. Also as stool, hi-stool and bench. Made to order.

Materials: Stainless steel, tennis balls
Press: Design week, FX, ICON
View: Monaco Modern Art Museum

3: 'The Art Garage'
An Eco-Gallery space to inject creativity in to ethical issues and inspire recycling. The Art Garage building is made almost entirely of old garage doors, that make the walls and ceiling. On the site, was
originally a commercial garage, so the inspection pit (seen in photo) is a central feature of the gallery creating atunnel display space, covered using cupboard doors and washing machine doors as sky-lights.

Materials: Steel garage doors, aluminium railings, timber frame,
policarbonate front.
Exhibitions: visit

Brendan Young (Product Design)


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