Courtney Blackman

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Black Leather & Stone Bracelet.jpg
Black Leather & Stone Bracelet


Blue & Black Horn Necklace.jpg
Blue & Black Horn Necklace


Brown Leather & Stone Necklace.jpg
Brown Leather & Stone Necklace


Green Horn Earrings.jpg
Green Horn Earrings




Multi-Wood Beaded Necklace.jpg
Multi-Wood Beaded Necklace



Natural Wood Bracelet.jpg
Natural Wood Bracelet





Black & White Horn Bracelet.jpg
Black & White Horn Bracelet


Black Horn Ring.jpg
Black Horn Ring



At some point designers, craftspeople and management alike - became disheartened by mass-produced, faceless fashion accessories. They grew nostalgic for a time when everyday objects were created by hand, where the individuality behind the product could be seen - especially a product as personal as jewellery.

The name, Castaways Design, describes the purpose: to be an oasis of originality in a sea of sameness. On this organic oasis no industry exists, just the imagination, human hands and natural materials.

All of the work is a collaborative effort from artistic vision to final product. Castaways Design is constantly experimenting with shape, colour, assembly and design to create memorable, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Materials include wood ranging from juniper, cherry, pistachio and almond; leather ranging in colours from fuchsia, turquoise, mustard and cinnamon; and horn, which can be crafted in a variety of colours using Castaway’s unique design technology.

Castaways Design pieces were selected last fall by Ralph Lauren for New York Fashion Week.

Cosmopolitan has selected pieces, which will be seen in their May 2005 issue.

Courtney Blackman



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