Craig Kerrecoe

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'Bad Robot! is
Acrylic' Metallics & Decoupage on Box Canvas


'Blue Code Number 2' is
Acrylic on Box Canvas


'Same World Different Day 6' is
Acrylic on Box Canvas


'The Path of Least Existence' is
Acrylic on Box Canvas


see the light (1220x610) 2005.jpg
see the light (1220x610) 2005


Artist statement:

My work, almost always, focuses on the concept of identity. I am driven by a desire to understand who I am and what makes me this person. Am I little more than a machine, programmed to function in an extremely specific way? Is my identity just an elaborate illusion, the result of billions of chemical reactions? I think that my work appeals to others because so many of us, at one time or another, are forced to confront who we really are. We can hide behind a facade for so much of the time but every now and then, inadvertantly, we let our true selves show.

I am in my thirties and previously enjoyed a career as a successful, award winning, architectural designer. I owned and managed a well-regarded architectural practice, employing a team of six other very talented architects of varying grades. I have since left the architectural industry and have been painting full-time ever since. I now have strong relationships with a number of Galleries across the East of England. I have a busy exhibition schedule coming up in 2006 that includes several solo and group exhibitions at various private galleries in UK.

Craig Kerrecoe

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