Craig. R. Griffin

Masters of Fine Art (International Practice) Kent Institute of Art & Design (Canterbury)

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Artist Statement

The interdisciplinary nature of my work combines interests in architecture, calligraphy, graphics, illustration and the fine arts within the framework of the sublime; a quasi-religious experience of the limitless immensity in nature and abstraction. I work on stretched canvas and paper, using acrylic based paints and general mixed media processes. My drawing and abstract work on paper offsets my painting and focuses on architecture and complicated abstract forms which visualize themes such as ruin and the fragmentation of memory.

At present I am working within the context of landscape and atmospheres which reflect emotions reminiscent of those captured by Casper David Friedrich and the late work of the New York abstract painter Mark Rothko. The parallels between these artists, in their search for the sublime, is the basis of my own painting; capturing a sense of isolation, feeling of melancholy and human powerlessness against the ominous forces of nature.


Craig. R. Griffin

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