Daniel Thompson

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Artists Statement

The work is 100% people orientated, people are fascinating creatures, in terms of their interactions with other people and everything around them.  All of my pieces contain people, people will be judging my pieces,, they will be judging the people in my pieces, but in a way if they judge my pieces, my pieces and the people in my pieces are staring back at them, judging them.  I want my pieces to make people take a long hard look at themselves, and just to think, even if its for one second, are they the type of people that they want to be.  Too many people in our society plod along, when we are younger we are filled with so much hope and ambition, but that is lost somewhere along the line.  I want people to say yes I want what those people have in those pictures, or I want what they are feeling, or I definetly don't want what they have, or I really do not ever want to experience what they are feeling.  I want people to think, and judge themselves.

I know I am not a student and I am not studying art, but in my opinion I do not need some one to tell me if what I make is good or not, because who are they to say what is good or not ? After all, what is Art ? You see where I am going with this....  I just want people to see my work and comment on it.

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