David Troughton

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ah2ahyellow sign 2(light).jpg
ah2ahyellow sign 2(light)


ah2ahholidays in the sun 3(vertical strip).jpg
ah2ahholidays in the sun 3(vertical strip)


ah2ahpetrol pumps.jpg
ah2ahpetrol pumps


ah2ahranch house cafe.1000mmx1000mm.jpg
ah2ahranch house cafe.1000mmx1000mm


ah2ahrear view mirror.jpg
ah2ahrear view mirror


ah2ahred dress 1(police car).500mmx500mm.jpg
ah2ahred dress 1(police car).500mmx500mm


ah2ahred lamp cafe.jpg
ah2ahred lamp cafe


ah2ahred sign 1(cafe).jpg
ah2ahred sign 1(cafe)


ah2ahred sign 66.jpg
ah2ahred sign 66


ah2ahrosie's diner 1.jpg
ah2ahrosie's diner 1


Artist Statement:


Welcome to a selection of my work.

The pieces included have been done over the past few years. These are a combination of an image transfer technique and acrylic paint on canvas. These range in size from A1 to A0. The later pieces, ‘Ranch House Café’, ‘Petrol pumps’, and ‘Red Lamp Café are wholly painted acrylic on canvas.

As an art student in the late 60’s early 70’s, I was intrigued by the use of found images by the Pop artists. I was particularly influenced by Robert Rauschenberg, Jim Dine and Jasper Johns.

Upon reviewing the work I have during recent years, I find that I have been using found images, as opposed to photographs I have taken myself, more and more often. The selection is intuitive – I probably choose one from hundreds I look at for each piece – but I do feel that they are all evocative and sometimes nostalgic.

These works appear to fall into three categories; American Landscape, Holidays, and Space exploration. There is a connecting theme; the pioneering spirit of humankind, ‘to boldy go’, to explore the unknown. A little like an artist starting with a blank canvas, I guess.


Trained at Coventry College of Art and Design.

Joint exhibitions .

Coventry Open Exhibition.

Leamington Spa Open Exhibition.

Leamington Studio Artists.

Musee 2000 International Travelling Exhibition.

Art on the move.

Warwick University Library Gallery.

Earl of Smith Gallery. Leamington Spa.

Montpellier Gallery. Stratford upon Avon. July2001

Collins Gallery. London. Sept 2001

Wills Art Warehouse. Fulham. London. July 2001

Montpellier Gallery. Stratford upon Avon. March 2002

Wills Art Warehouse. Fulham. London. June 2002

Affordable Art Fair. Battersea. London. Oct 2002

Wildes. Leamington Spa. Nov 2002

Wills Art Warehouse. Fulham. London. Jan 2003

Affordable Art Fair. New York. U.S.A. Feb 2003

Affordable Art Fair. Glasgow. Scotland. Mar 2003

The Art Lounge. The Mailbox. Birmingham. April 2003

Apart Gallery. Portobello Road. London. June 2003

Affordable Art Fair. Battersea. October 2003

Artco. Leeds. November 2003

Wills Art Warehouse. Fulham. London. April 2004

Premier Cru. Stratford upon Avon. June 2004

No9 The Gallery. Birmingham. July 2004

Affordable Art Fair. New York. November 2004

Christies. London. February 2005.

Wills Art Warehouse. Fulham. London. June 2005

Artco. Leeds. June 2005


Solo Exhibitions.

Belgrade Theatre. Coventry.

Bonnington Foyer Gallery. Trent Polytechnic. Nottingham

Ice Interiors. Halifax.

Loft Theatre. Leamington Spa

Warwickshire College Gallery. Leamington Spa.

Freud. Oxford.

Starbucks. Leamington Spa. Oxford. Stratford upon Avon.

Jabarich Gallery. Amsterdam. August 2001

Millsys Gallery. Coventry. Sept 2002

The White Room Gallery. Leamington Spa. March 2003

Pitcher and Piano. Manchester. November 2003

Pelirocco Hotel Hotel. Brighton. February 2004

Blyth Gallery. Manchester. June 2004

Equal Bar Gallery. London. July 2004



Café Sol. Leamington Spa.

Les Plantagenets. Leamingon Spa.

Dream FactoryTheatre. Warwick. (Arts Council Funded).

‘Joy’. Newbold Centre. Leamington Spa. (Arts Council Funded).

‘Free Spirit’. Oxford. (Lottery Funded).

Too many private commissions to list.


David Troughton

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