David Warner

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David Warner

Artist Statement

Middlesex university BTEC National diploma in foundation studies in Art
I then went on to study for a BA in fine art at Middlesex university - however I decided not to pursue fine art shortly before the end of my BA - I have been drawing, painting and using the computer to create art as a hobby ever since . Untill six weeks ago when I finally took the plunge, Went part time at my current job in a bank and decide to become a freelance illustrator. As its early days I am still chasing that first commission


I often draw take inspiration from old film posters, I like the way they are set piece, with a detailed narrative contained within the one frame.I like the way posters contain a montage of images from throughout the movie, alternatively they focus on the main character or a poiniant event in the film. This sense of drama is what I try to capture in my own work. I am also very keen on retro americana of all kinds and take influence from my trips to the states.

My Style style

When I make an image I try to work at the most basic level I can. I keep the use of photoshop filters to a minimum and use the Computer as a tool to combine the various elements that I have created on paper. I use illustrator's trace vector feature to trace rudimentary shapes which I then print out to further draw or paint on. I like to use water colours felt pens and charcoal in my work. I prefer my images not to look like they have been created on the computer. My finished works intentially resemble unfinished sketches and I prefer to to sketch out ideas before starting a piece. I would much rather jump straight as this sometimes this yeilds the best results. In my experience the first idea is nearly always the best even if it does need reworking along the way.

I live and work from my home in Enfield, North London,

Job Title


Date of Birth

13 September 1979


David Warner


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