Debby Wang

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Charcoal on paper
18" x 25"


Alex Big Eye.jpg
Alex Big Eye
Pastel on paper
17" x 22"


Pastel on paper
18" x 25"


Db Bass.jpg
Double Bass
Mixed Media on canvas
50" x 50"


Charcoal on paper
18" x 25"


Mixed Media on canvas
16" x 20"


R on Brompton Road
Acrylic on Canvas
48" x 36"


Rsavoy, title is "Tea"
Ink on paper
9" x 12"


Sleeping with Blue Collar.jpg
Sleeping with Blue Collar
Pastel on paper
5.5" x 9"


Pastel on paper
7" x 20"



Acrylic on canvas
9" x 12"




Artist Statement:

Growing up in Taiwan as the daughter of an art teacher mother, and an art-collecting father, I was surrounded by great works of art by Taiwanese artists of their day. How did I know that waking up in the middle of the night to the colors and shapes of those paintings would prepare my eye for what I am able to produce today?

I'm a self-taught artist whose inspirations is that of the human spirit. "What lies beneath the skin, what glows from behind the eyes?" These are the truths I seek, the psyche behind the image. The beauty that can be created on a 2 dimensional surface fascinates me.

I get lost in the emotion a painter can express through the choice of colors and strokes. That's what I hope to achieve in my paintings and drawings: to draw the viewer into the fascination.

Debby Wang

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