Eloise Ghioni

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Artist Statement:

Eloise Ghioni was born in Locarno ( Switzerland ) on the 20th of January, 1978.

She graduated at the School of Art in Omegna ( Verbania), then continued her studies at the I.S.I.A ( Institute for Artistic Industry ) in Florence, where she concentrated on Design.

Thanks to her exceptional natural creativity,she experimented with every kind artistic expression: painting, sculpture, graphics, illustration, Industrial Design, modelling (creation of dresses and accessories); all these different experiences together with her strong artistic sensibility make Eloise an interesting artist to discover.

Her pictorial journey took off again, after a long break dedicated to other activities, starting with the synthesis of “Rimpa Art” style (Japanese movement in the Edo period 1600-1868), until elaborating a style very similar to “Action Painting”.

With her her work, the artist offers a different conception of painting, intended as a combination of variable constants: the colour with it’s viscosity, shine and texture is the main component of the picture; the support (the canvas) is the physical scene wuere this interaction takes place; only during the precise act of painting do the colour and the canvas interact together, like two equal opposing forces that compensate each other.



Eloise Ghioni

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