Emilver Gobbett

Bretton Hall College of Arts, West Yorkshire : BA (Hons) Graphic Design

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"Shop Girl"


"she swooped down with godspeed"


"Penelope - oh such wonderful..."


"floating ming"


"Gorilla - bot"




Japanese volcanic landscape


"Karate Chop"


"Lady butterfly"


"Panda Groove"




Born in the Phillipines in 1978 I have been sketching since I realised I could hold a pen, selling my first sketches to fellow classmates for as much as their lunch money.
I haven't stopped doodling since, instead I have become a child in a candy store soon as I learned of various ways to create images. Be it mono prints, acrylic on canvas, pen + ink, charcoal, Freehand, Photoshop, and not forgetting the humble pencil.Graphic Design provides a medium for my illustrations to be exposed. It is combining these elements that has always proved as both challenging and most exciting to me. Currently I'm working as a Freelance Designer + Illustrator.I'm also in the middle of setting up my own label in printing T-shirts working closely with a Fashion Designer.Previous work I have been involved in includes music poster + flyer design, CD cover, commision through exhibitions, and illustrations for web.


Artist Statement:
I am Graphic designer with passion for illustration. The challenge for me is combining my illustrations with designing flyers, posters, CD covers, web, and t shirts. I have also sold some artwork through exhibition. My inspiration comes from any interesting images, Japanese screen prints, Mucha,stickers + graffiti - covered street posts, movies/animation....the world is my oyster and anything goes, especially if it involves acrylics, charcoal, Macs, Freehand, Quark + sweet chilli sauce.

"I am currently working as a magazine designer, but always in search of freelance illustration work."


Emilver Gobbett

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