Emma Beamsley

University of Teesside : BA (Hons) Graphic Design

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Artist Statement:

I am currently a third year student, studying a BA
(Hons) Graphic Design at the university of Teesside.
My work demonstrates a variety of text and image based projects that will hopefully support for future ambition to work within editorial graphics. My main inspirations are drawn from everyday situations, and human intuition. Much of my work revolves around the use of photography (something I enjoy exploring in my spare time), as a feel it is such a dynamic and flexible tool to use, and can really create depth and intensity within my work. Mixed with experimental type and innovative illustration techniques, I feel that my work is truly unique.

1-2. Editorial Interpretation for Kenaz Magazine - Commissioned by Ek Zuban, Teesside When presented with the Kenaz project, I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to explore a more gritty, raw and underground feel, employing a combination of photography and experimental typography. Taking inspiration from the Bauhaus movement was an initial step, as the minimalist work produced by these artists focused on geometric structure, which seemed particularly relevant for this project. The double page spreads produced reflect the ambience of the poems, the area of Middlesbrough and a feeling of experimental creativity. This work was later developed further, and features in the first issue of the magazine, due for launch sometime in January 05.

3-4 ‘Whoops’ – Self negotiated brief.
Within this small book the theme of personal mistakes was explored, but more so with the experiences and lessons resulting from these mistakes. Within the book a series of peoples misfortunes and encounters were interpretated through the use of hand generated illustrations and experimental hand made typefaces, consequently making the book adopt a very personal feel. The theme was carried through style of layout too, by purposely incorporating common typographical mistakes, and errors into the text. This particular project really helped me discover what motivates me as a designer, and clarify my previous aspirations for the future.

5. Greenpeace - The issue of Illegally logged timber in Indonesia’s lowland rainforest.
This assignment allowed me to engage with primarily image but to an extent type too. By homing in on one of Greenpeace's main campaigns - that of illegally logged timber and the effects of which, made It possible to create a highly communicative illustration, using very organic materials, process and techniques. The concept behind my campaign was aimed at member of the G8, bringing to their attention how much timber is un-necessarily wasted each year. To do this, several devices such as hazard tape and provocative phases were used to draw the viewer in.

Emma Beamsley



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