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Frissiras Museum - Gods Becoming Men

Gods Becoming Men and is curated by Art Historian, Edward Lucie-Smith.
It will take place at the Frissiras Museum in Athens during the Olympics.

Invited artists include Jonathon Webb USA, Maslen & Mehra Australia/UK,Michal Chelbin Israel, Marilene Oliver Britain, Fereydoun Ave Iran, Tara Sosrowardoyo Indonesia, Sui Jianguo China, Per Wizen Sweden, Lars Siltberg Sweden, Genia Chef Russia, Olga Tobreluts Russia, Ivan Pinkava Czechoslovakia, Jivanii RedMark Jamaica, Bernadette De Cunha India, Alexis Veroucas Greece, Viktor Koen Greece, Marc Wayland Britain, Paul Hodgson Britain.

13th July-15th Sept

Frissiras Museum

3 & 7 Monis Asteriou
(at the junction of Kydathineon St.)
tel: +30 2103234678 - 2103316027
fax: +30 2103316027



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