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Curated by Roderick Barton

Week 1: 26th - 28th March
Week 2: 2nd - 4th April
Only open Friday - Sunday, 10:30am - 5:00pm

Guild House, Rollins Street, South Bermondsey, London SE15 (view map)
Cover image by Kristin Posehn

DIRECTIONS: London Bridge Tube, then Overland Rail 1 stop to South Bermondsey or take bus route P13 and stop at Millwall Football ground.

ARTISTS: Rupert Ackroyd, Daniel Boyle, James Bradshaw, Ian Brown, Elinor Evans, Adam Humphries, Amy Judd, Leo Linehan, Rafe Mullarkey, Kristin Posehn, Matt Stevenson and Seth Twombley

Press Release
Guild House is an exhibition of recent and specially commissioned contemporary artworks from twelve emerging London-based artists. In its inaugural show, this spacious Grade II listed warehouse in South Bermondsey will exhibit a wide range of media, from installations to painting.

Rather than conforming to a predefined theme, the artists have been chosen specifically for their collective raw energy and enthusiasm. A natural spirit of playfulness and relentless experimentation underlies their differing approaches.

In his organization of the show, curator Roderick Barton has allowed each of the artists a rare freedom to create new work without the restrictions so common to the London gallery scene. Though representative of several different countries, all the artists have been involved in similar projects or studies. Each has been drawn to London for its rich and diverse contemporary art scene, to which this exhibition seeks to contribute fresh perspectives.

For more information regarding this exhibition please contact Roderick Barton on:



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