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New exhibitions @ a space contemporary art gallery

Friday 5th March until 16th April 2004

Vincent Warrican >‘The Conjuring Mirror and Other Stories’
‘An Eclectic Convergence of Protagonists, Abstraction, Narrative and Form’- Vincent Warrican
Vincent returns with a new & exciting show, set to question, and provide answers for those who refuse to go digital. With a varied body of work exploring more deeply, figurative abstraction, through the non typical medium of film based photography.

“Whilst the abstraction of the images is, in some cases severe, the figurative nature of the work is never lost entirely, allowing the viewer some common ground from which to unearth the dreamlike narrative.” - Ben Scott a space

Simon Hayes >‘Roar’
‘Pattern, colour, shape, space, squeezed, moulded, controlled, free, continuous, as far as the eye can see, the herd’

Artist’s led workshops 9th-12th April

The winner of what if returns, bringing with him an army of miniatures that are set to take over our gallery space. Simon is an artist unafraid of the fun element so often ignored within fine art, and makes it an integral part of his work, and thus your viewing.

“Simon’s work is bold, and unflinching, demanding the viewer to look, and then look closer, involving them from the minute their eye’s fall on the work. It, like him, is unpretentious and honest, not hiding behind any questions regarding production, but instead stands tall, head held high, built through commitment and hard work. In this show we clearly see Simon’s commitment, with thousands of hand crafted animals covering the gallery floor like some kind of multicoloured travelling herd.”
- Ben Scott a space

a space contemporary art gallery, 9-11 Old Northam Rd, Southampton, SO14 ONZ. T.023 80 338 778


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