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What is Root2art?

Root2art has been nine years in its development. It is art that has evolved independently from the currents of contemporary art, yet this is an art wholly of our time. Root2art shares roots with creative endeavours from many cultures in many eras, yet it is also the product of an individual with a unique artistic vision and the resolve and focus to shape an art outside of convention.

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The Show

Root2art shows from the 3rd March until 4th April 2004
Address: CB2 5-7 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Opening Times: 12:00h to 00:00h Daily

This is the first chance to see Root2art in the flesh. CB2 is the perfect starting point for an unconventional national campaign of exposure. This route takes Root2art directly to the public and negates an art market bound by esoteric code, tradition and a lack of progressive bold thinking.

With so many of our fine art institutions aspiring to become coffee shops, Root2art is pre-empting a trend and going straight to the purest form: the coffee shop. Importantly for Root2art the coffee shop is a zero bullshit space filled with an audience of potential art lovers. Secondly the coffee shop owners are not made nervous by art they have never seen before.

Don't miss the first chance to witness this real art in a real setting in a real moment in art history.



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