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s t a n d p o i n t g a l l e r y - Louise Clarke

Time On Your Hands
A drawing exhibition curated by Louise Clarke with works by:

Mikey Cuddihy, Adam Dant, Simon Faithfull, Gill Hale, Chris Ould, Andrew Pomphrey, Nik Ramage, Tracey Rowledge, Bob & Roberta Smith and Louise Clarke

We've all done them, word search puzzles in the doctor's waiting room, a crossword on the train, idly drawing moustache and glasses on portraits in newspapers. All self-absorbing pursuits without a discernible end product, their only substantive purpose being to fill in time. Dead time.

In this seamlessly mapped and pre-scheduled age, time is an increasingly precious commodity; yet, even today we still experience intermissions in life. How we negotiate this dislocated temporal space can be very revealing. In the midst of our daily frenzy there is always time to kill and seemingly limitless ways of killing it.

The artists in Time On Your Hands are varied in background, style and discipline, though they all use drawing as the primary process in the production of their work. They also share an ability to create considered, resonant works that deal with sources or concepts which are essentially flippant, fleeting and spasmodic.

From the obsessive doodles to 'paintings' of Mikey Cuddihy, Gill Hale's extraordinary large scale dot-to-dots, Andrew Pomphrey's meticulous chalk drawings through to the digital meanderings of Simon Faithfull – Time On Your Hands simultaneously explores the time in-between living, the fascination of idling and the nature of drawing.

Venue: Standpoint Gallery, 45 Coronet Street, London N1 6HD

Exhibition open: 5 March – 3 April 2004

Private View: Thursday 4 March, 6-9pm

Gallery Open: Wednesday – Saturday, 12-6pm

Tube: Old Street, Exit 2 (Northern Line – Bank Branch)

Buses: 55, 67, 149, 242, 243

Contacts: Rebecca Finney 020 7739 4921

Louise Clarke 07970 867 032


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