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Abstract Painting by Eleni Christou


The Waiting Rooms Gallery
Palmers Green Station,
Aldermans Hill,


Abstract Painting by Eleni Christou
November 1st 2003 - November 30th 2003

Eleni Christou's abstract painting is elemental and uncompromising. She is a bold painter and a confident painter, and not without reason, as her work is clearly that of a controlled hand and a keen sense of colour and composition.

Christou uses her colours cleverly, being invariably drawn to a richness of tone, but never playing them too flamboyantly. She crosses her blues and reds, her yellows and greens with a subtle calm, letting each invigorate the other, rather than having them compete for volume, resulting in images that are deceptively bright, whilst being made up of hues that alone may find it hard to command the viewer's attention. Her penchant for pinks, blues and maroons works in her favour, as through these colours and their application Christou puts forth a sense of great physical depth in her painting, suggesting strong structure while often using soft organic forms.

Balance is also key to these images. Abstract painting can be a tricky business. With little to no reference from which to draw one's picture placement the painter must rely solely on their own ability to arrange colour and shape successfully. Christou does this well. Using minimal ordered form - a circle here, a straight line there - and a good deal of impulsive, immediate brushmarks she pieces together admirably simple formations and beautifully straightforward, instantly gratifying paintings.

Christou has a genuine love for her practice. Painting has been a driving force for her for many years and continues to inspire and excite her. As she says herself: "artwork is my meditation", a comment that, to see her work, is easy to understand, the contemplative atmosphere and sometimes dreamy ambience of her images being quite clear and very much engaging, even to an outsider.

As a whole this exhibition showcases the work of an artist who is young, but creatively mature beyond her years. She exhibits a control of her medium that is encouragingly precise and is a clear indication that she has a great deal of talent and, as well as a present that excites, a future that is eagerly anticipated.

Eleni Christou graduated from Buckinghamshire University with a degree in interior design. She lives and works in North London.

Admission Free
Open 9am - 5pm every day

Transport: Rail: Palmers Green (direct from Kings X or Moorgate)
Bus: 121, 329, 29




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