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8 – 30 November 2003 Fri-Sun 1-6
Private View – Friday 7 November 6-9

Transition examines the nature of memorabilia with two related projects that question concepts of curating, collecting and authorship.

Prints by Giovanni Battista Piranesi
A project by Hugo Worthy

Throughout the eighteenth century the influence of Giovanni Battista Piranesi was inescapable. His ruins infected the imagination of the chattering classes and were a perfect visual match for the Gothic Romances that were so popular at the time. Ruins is a selection of highlights from his monumental work of 1776, the Vedute di Roma. Piranesi was an opportunist, he had created what amounted in his eyes to little more than a knick-knack for the legions of tourists passing through the Eternal City on the Grand Tour and he did not see the production of these souvenirs as a suitable crowning glory for his life. Pirenasi’s great ambition was to be an architect (something he had trained to do) and although he never designed a building his architectural influence has been huge, most visibly through the work of John Soane.

In Ruins the curatorial role of the artist Hugo Worthy becomes the art work, created not so much by the splish-splosh of the paint brush, or the grinding of power tools, but by selecting, choosing, discerning, and in the end consolidating that through politicking. He says ‘I have made a simulacrum of a conservative museum exhibition but within the context of a contemporary space’.

Snapshot photos by over 100 artists, curated by Paul Murphy

Souvenir is a collection of Snapshot size photos curated by the artist Paul Murphy and made by over 100 artists and photographers including:

Karen Adams / Olly Beck / Richard Birkett / Isha Bohling / Harry Borden / Amanda Bracken / David Bradshaw / Rose Bradshaw / Clive Brandon / Jessica Broas / Matthew Burbridge / Helen Cattell / Daedalus / Horst Diekgerdes / Roger Dilkes / Sarah Doyle / Viviana Duran / Robert Ellis / Nili Feferberg / Antonio Gianasi / Sarah Gifford / Cristina Golland / Andy Gollifer / Stewart Gough / Caroline Gray & Grace Adam / Jane Grisewood / Neil Hamon / Sara Haq / Jane Henderson / Carol Ho / Isabel Ivars Sancho / David James / Martina Jenne / Sue Kennington/ Calum F. Kerr / Chris Koning / Damian Lebas / Delaine Lebas / Arabella Lee / Daniel Lehan / Cathy Lomax / Pam Lomax / Sex Lovemat / Lady Lucy / Nicky Magliulo / Elizabeth Marongiu / Nora Maycock / Alex Michon / Joachim Mueller-Ruchholtz / Paul Murphy / Ana Nieto / Gary O’Connor / Marcus Oakley / Nichola Ollis/ Kriton Papadopoulos / Mike Perry / Georgia Platman / Kavel Rafferty / Peter Robothan / Greg Rook / Melanie Rose / Jimo Toyin Salako / Hans Scheirl / Libby Shearon / Kaori Shiota / Maximiliana Spinola / Heidi Stokes / Srinivas Surti / Mimei Thompson / Zsigmond Toth / Pauline Thomas /
Edward Underwood / Stella Vine / Ray Ward / Marc Wilson / Saskia Wilson Brown / Hugo Worthy / Yolanda Zappaterra / Sandra Oates / Harry Bradshaw / Malanie Manchot

A souvenir is something that reminds us of a place, event or person, for this show artists and photographers have contributed standard snapshot size photographic souvenirs. The resulting show is an eclectic mix of photos often with very personal themes which when viewed collectively become a dynamic tableau. During the show these 'souvenir' photos will only be identified by where they were taken or inspired by, the photographers names staying hidden until the end of the show. This liberates the images from individual ownership and gives them a kind of universal appeal like that of an old photo discovered in a junk shop.

All images will be on sale to raise money for future Transition projects
In association with Photomonth

For more information and images please contact Cathy Lomax - 07941 208566


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