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'Us and Them'


Static Pamphlet Edition 6

Continuing the exploration of 'Us and Them'


Ricardo Basbaum, investigating the pronouns 'You' and 'Me' through image,
live work and text.

Craig Buckley interviews Temporary Services, focusing on 'Prisoner's

Catherine Jiggens reports on the difficulties of orchestrating a group,
whilst also providing for the individuals within it, in the context of
Newcastle GRAFT.

Salomé Voegelin explores the flux between the experience of subjectivity and
objectivity in the film 'Dark Passage' and the effect this has on the
generation of criticism.

Looking to find:

WildProjects are seeking dynamic, innovative, talented and pro-active young
artists to take part in a seminar concerning notions of audience within
contemporary artistic practice. This one of a kind opportunity is open to
individuals working outside the commercial, commodity driven art world
notion of artist as 'art star'. Here is the chance to put down all
materials, leave the garret and engage with other like-minded individuals
working on alternative projects. We want to hear from those artists / art
projects / artist initiatives who are striving to instigate independent
activity within Britain today.

This WildProjects event is in association with the Liverpool Biennial of
Contemporary Arts and will take place in the lead up to the Biennial 2004.

Static is supported by Arts Council of England North West, Frenson Ltd and EBL Roofing.



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