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MADE IN UK –10 years of British Pop 76-86 BY JANETTE BECKMAN

MADE IN UK –10 years of British Pop 76-86


Cast your mind back to the social, political & musical mayhem of the late 70's… back to a time where bands were
interesting; music was changing; and minds were being challenged... a time when Britain's musical achievements
stretched further than reality TV programmes... a time when British music pushed the boundaries of conscience, fashion and good taste...

Renowned music photographer Janette Beckman takes us on a photographic journey though the annals of music historyas she celebrates the iconic acts of the 1970s and 80s in a stunning new photographic exhibition, Made in UK : 10 yearsof British pop ’76 – ’86, at London’s Proud Galleries this June.
Featuring over 90 images, many never seen before in the UK, Made in UK: 10 years of British pop ’76 – ’86, captures the icons of an era where the British music scene set the agenda for the world to follow. Pictures include the The Police, The Clash, Culture Club, Spandau Ballet, The Jam, The Raincoats, The Ramones and Debbie Harry as they made the transition from the London club scene to international acclaim.
Made in UK : 10 years of British pop ’76 – ’86 contains classic on stage photographs and studio shoots as well as offering the opportunity to enjoy more intimate moments with some of music’s most enduring personalities including Johnny Rotten at home in Ladbrook Grove, early pictures of Sting, the Raincoats rehearsing in a basement and Paul Weller with his own idol, Pete Townsend.
Beckman’s photographs not only pay tribute to some of popular music’s most influential acts but they also capture thestreet style and fashion trends that left an indelible mark on the fashion consciousness - from the mods and rockers, to the punks and the New Romantics.

Made in UK : 10 years of British pop ’76 – ’86 offers the chance to revisit one of the most distinctive, fast
moving periods in the history of modern music and documents the evolution from rouge to safety pins to
pirate hats which took place in under six years.

• Made in UK: 10 years of British pop ’76 – ’86, Proud Central, London (June 4th – July 17th 2004)
Born and raised in London, Beckman became a familiar face on the London club scene. As punk, pop and hip hop beganto capture the imagination of a generation Beckman was poised ready to record it all on film.
Beckman has worked in the music industry for the better part of three decades and during this time has worked with some of the all time greats. Her work includes the first album cover for The Police, a shoot with a young Boy George just days before his record reached number one and images of the Sid Vicious Memorial March in London in 1979. Beckman’s work has appeared across the board in music magazines on both side of the Atlantic including Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and The Face Magazine.
“I try to work with a subject and not overpower them with ideas,” comments Beckman. “I’ve worked with everyone from Pee-wee Herman to Madeleine Albright, and I just try to read the person and read what’s inside of them.”

Beckman moved to America in 1982 where she quickly began photographing high profile figures from the world of
literature, fashion, politics and media. One of her most striking projects involved documenting the growing phenomenon of Hip Hop, highlights of which can be seen in the forthcoming Proud Camden exhibition, Hip Hop Immortals II.

Proud Central

5 Buckingham Street
London, WC2N

Tube: Embankment and Charing Cross

Opening: 10am – 7pm, Monday – Thursday
11am – 6pm, Friday - Sunday

Prices: Full price £3
Concessions £2


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