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Air Gallery - Drawing on Uncertainty

9-17 November 2003

Artist Jac Saorsa’s first London exhibition Drawing on Uncertainty is based on two specific series of works, one of large-scale drawings and one of oil paintings.

The drawings are inspired by a recent extended visit to Costa Rica and are intuitive works which are not only a visual testimony to the experience but also responses to the different language, culture, climate and architecture. Executed with charcoal, graphite, and in some cases ink, they are mainly monotone with only specific areas where muted colour has been applied with pure pigment.

The paintings are figurative works after live model. Painted in oils, mainly monotone and deliberately confusing the distinction between drawing and painting techniques, they represent various aspects of the model, ‘fragments’ of the person, facial expression and hand gesture. ‘Structure lines’, relating to the rules of traditional academic figure drawing, are drawn with a brush over the painting so that it appears to have been executed ‘inside out’. The lines form a kind of exoskeleton.

Other exhibitions to date include various solo and group shows in New York, Limassol in Cyprus, Glasgow and Nottingham. Jac Saorsa has recently been appointed Director of Drawing at the Vertitas University of Art and Design in Costa Rica and has previously taught Drawing workshops in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, and taught at both primary and secondary schools in the UK and in Cyprus.

Air Gallery, 32 Dover Street, London W1 Tel: 020 7409 1255
Exhibition dates: 9-17 November 2003

Press Info: Claire Sawford Pr Tel: 020 7722 4114

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