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Exhibition Date: Tuesday 14/10/03 – 15/11/03
tue-sat 12pm-8pm

Contact: Zavier Ellis / Aniko Pall

CLAPHAM ART GALLERY is delighted to present LOUISE LAWTON.
Lawton has been exhibiting with Clapham Art Gallery since her graduation from Wimbledon School of Art in 2001. Following immediate success, she has become an incredibly sought after artist, and here we present her most recent body of work.

Lawton is known for her highly distinctive figurative works in charcoal on gesso. Commonly she depicts groups of figures viewed from above, referring to the natural grouping or herding tendencies of humans when found in crowded urban environments such as train stations, airports or most recently in the street. They reveal common tendencies of spatial distancing found in different countries and patterned behaviour only illustrated when viewing people from a raised viewpoint at any given time.

Recently, in particular in the ‘New York’ series, Lawton has experimented with more diverse viewpoints at varying angles and distances, for example from the ground upwards or head on. She has also developed the subject matter itself, presenting us with flawlessly drawn cityscapes and streetscapes. But despite this diversification, Lawton’s work maintains its observational, objective character – indeed, it is strengthened as the subject matter comes to provide complementary parts of a shared whole. That whole is the urban environment in which despite our individuality and urge towards privacy we are obliged to interact with strangers on a daily basis in rituals of which we can only be partially aware.

‘New York’ is a feature series that examines the ‘mass-inhabitation and urban space’ of New York City. Consisting of approximately ten fifteen by fifteen centimetre pieces it provides a selection of views from and of the city. Highly cropped and drawn in great detail, these images ‘emphasise the scale and expanse of the cityscape as well as its confinement’.

In combination this new body of work consists of a set of dynamic pieces defined by impeccable technical skills. We are treated to a mature artist of tender age who continues to make critical work of mass appeal.

clapham art gallery, 61 venn street, london SW4 0BD. Unit 02 40-48 bromell’s road, london SW4 0BG
+44 (0)20 7720 0955


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