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ICA LISTINGS for Friday 3 - Thursday 9 October



CRIMSON GOLD (Talaye Sorgh)

'A quietly brilliant film … poetic and precise, witty and profoundly compassionate' Time Out

Starting from the point at which a thief trapped by the security system in a Tehran jewellery store commits murder and suicide, Panahi’s new film brilliantly unwinds to show what pushes a man to such an extreme. Hussein (Hussein Emadeddin) is a taciturn loner, a war veteran once lauded but damaged and now working as an ageing pizza delivery boy. Full of suppressed hilarity and unexpected observations, Abbas Kiarostami's script provides a stunningly eloquent and moving account of a society split between privilege and desperation. From the director of The White Balloon and The Circle, the film won the Un Certain Regard Jury Award in Cannes this year and has been hailed as a brave new direction in Iranian cinema.

Dir Jafar Panahi, Iran 2003, 97 mins, subs, 12A

Signed posters on sale in ICA bookshop

Friday 3 - Thursday 9 October


3 Crimson Gold Cinema 1 4.30, 6.30, 8.30pm
Fri Derrida Cinema 2 6.30pm
Le Cercle Rouge Cinema 2 8.30pm

4 Crimson Gold Cinema 1 2.30, 4.30, 6.30, 8.30pm
Sat Le Cercle Rouge Cinema 2 3.30pm
2 or 3 Things… Cinema 2 6.30pm
Derrida Cinema 2 8.30pm

5 Crimson Gold Cinema 1 2, 7, 9pm
Sun 2 or 3 Things… Cinema 2 3.30pm
BFM Film Club Cinema 1 4pm
Le Cercle Rouge Cinema 2 5.30pm
Derrida Cinema 2 8.30pm

6 Crimson Gold Cinema 1 4.30, 6.30, 8.30pm
Mon Le Cercle Rouge Cinema 2 6.15pm
Derrida Cinema 2 9pm

7 Crimson Gold Cinema 1 4.30, 6.30, 8.30pm
Tues Leon Morin Cinema 2 6.30pm
Derrida Cinema 2 9pm

8 Crimson Gold Cinema 1 4.30, 6.30, 8.30pm
Wed Medea Cinema 2 6.15pm
Leon Morin Cinema 2 8.45pm

9 Crimson Gold Cinema 1 4.30, 6.30, 8.30pm
Thurs Brighter Summers Day Cinema 2 6.30pm



An exciting selection of UK shorts by black film makers plus a Q&A session with the writers and directors.


‘Too good to miss’ Time Out

A dazzling sociological fable seen through 24-hours in the life of a Parisian housewife who works as a prostitute, selling herself for happiness but getting paid only in bad dreams.

Dir Jean Luc Godard, France 1966, 95 mins, subs


‘Bizarre and eloquent’ Time Out

Pasolini’s exploration of Freudian themes through Marxist eyes is a retelling of Medea’s story (the life-cycle of a love affair) as a mixture of social anthropology and ritual theatre.

Dir Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italy/France/Germany 1970, 118 mins, subs



‘Blissful … a pleasure to watch’ New York Times

This award-winning film is an intimate portrait of the brilliant, controversial philosopher and intellectual icon Jacques Derrida, whose theory of ‘deconstruction’ has influenced the studies of literature, philosophy, ethics, architecture and law, indelibly marking the intellectual landscape of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Dir Kirby Dick/Amy Ziering Kofman, US 2002, 85 mins


‘Visually arresting and powerful! Melville was the coolest, most stylish of auteurs!’ John Woo

Three films by the extraordinary director Jean-Pierre Melville (1917-1973) who relocated the American gangster genre in France, incorporating his own steely poetic and philosophical obsessions.


‘Superbly executed’ Time Out

Dark, abstract and desolate, detailing the breakdown of criminal codes, with a superb silent jewel robbery in the Place Vendome.

France/Italy 1970, 140 mins, subs


‘Miraculous cinema’ Time Out

Melville’s excursion into Bressonian territory. Belmondo plays a radical priest with an eye for the women France/Italy 1961, 128 mins, subs


Back by popular demand, the three most sought-after titles from this year’s earlier London/Taipei season.


(Guling Jie Shaonian Sha Ren Shijian)

‘Visually elegant’ Time Out

Yang’s measured account of growing up in Taiwan at the start of the 1960s is both intimate yet epic in scope. The unexpected final scenes are invested with enormous, shocking power.

Dir Edward Yang, Taiwan 1991, 237 mins, subs

Friday 3 - Thursday 9 October


Until Sun 19 Oct, daily 12-7.30pm


Single Channel Works from the Collections of Pamela and Richard Kramlich and New Art Trust
'Go, be mesmerised and spread the word' Guardian Guide
'I've never seen a more beautifully installed exhibition of video art' Daily Telegraph
Video Acts comes to the ICA after its critically acclaimed reception at P.S.1 in New York. This immersive exhibition offers a rare opportunity to see gathered together more than eighty landmarks in the development of video art. Each work is shown continuously and simultaneously on separate monitors or projectors. Video Acts provides the indispensable historical context within which the explosion of contemporary video art can be understood.

In the lower gallery, Marina Ambramovic's extreme performance videos test the limits of her body's endurance, and the fraught dynamics of personal relationships. Joan Jonas explores symbolic gestures through the evocative use of masquerade, mirrored images, drawings, and objects. The concourse gallery contains irreverent and darkly comic videos by William Wegman, Tony Oursler, Mike Kelley/Jim Shaw and Paul McCarthy. The upper galleries feature Bruce Nauman's elegant and absurd Beckett-like studio performances to camera and Vito Acconci's confrontational, psychologically intense work.

Also included are major pieces by John Baldessari, Dara Birnbaum, Dan Graham, Pipilotti Rist, Martha Rosler, Richard Serra and Bill Viola.

Free with Day Membership

Lower, Concourse, Upper Galleries


Sat 4 Oct, 3pm

Gallery Talk: Hayley Newman

Artist Hayley Newman will consider the ways in which Video Acts 'displays' archive in order to explore the various relationships various performance, document and film.

Free with Day Membership
Lower Galley


Thurs 9 Oct, 7.30-8.30pm

Gallery Talk: Andrea Norrington & Jennet Thomas

Artist and lecturer Andrea Norrington will reflect on the creative outcomes that flow from the relationship between subject and camera and examine the effect on behaviour. Video artist and lecturer Jennet Thomas will look at the experimental use of text and narrative in video performance, and the structured use and abuse of time.

Free with Day Membership. Please book tickets in advance
Lower Gallery

Friday 3 - Thursday 9 October


Sat 4 Oct, 8pm

Domino presents:


‘two utterly seminal line ups’ Time Out

After an 18 month break, Clinic return to London. For this special show, which forms part of Domino Record’s Worlds Of Possibility birthday celebrations, the band will be previewing new music from their latest album, still untitled and not due for release until Spring next year.

Support comes from Hood, landing somewhere between Joy Division, Talk Talk and Autechre, they are an emotive, engaging and completely unique English ‘Rock’ Band.

£10.50, £9.50 Concs. £8.50 ICA Members


Fri 3 Oct, 9pm - 1am; Sat 4, 12 - 10pm; Sun 5, 12-10

Domino presents Worlds of Possibility 10 years of Sleeve Art, Music Videos and Photography. Domino Recording artists Djing in the bar.

DJs and Design show: Bar, Nash Room

£2, Free to ICA Members

Wed 8 Oct, 8pm

The Boggs plus The Duke Spirit & Archie Bronson Outfit

‘A great low-fi romp’ Observer

The Boggs return to the ICA fresh from supporting The Rapture and with a brand new album Stitches released on uber hip label City Rockers. Vocalist and songwriter Jason Friedman sings in a petrified scarecrow croak while his three compatriots whip up an eerie backdrop of banjo, fiddle, slide guitar, and good old-fashioned stomp. Certain to be a gig to remember with strong support from another group of ICA favourites The Duke Spirit and Domino’s brand new signing the Archie Bronson Outfit.

£8, £7 Concs. £6 Members


Thur 9 Oct, 8pm

Broken Social Scene plus Stars

‘Imagine if Sebadoh decided to jam with about 20 other musicians from labels such as Sub Pop, Kranky and Thrill Jockey on some prog rock covers. But....also imagine this on Top 40 radio. It’s that good’ BBCi

Broken Social Scene kick off their UK tour at the ICA to support their recent Mercury signed second LP You Forgot It In People . Following firmly in the tradition of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jnr and Godspeed!, they are the loudest, brashest rock band to come out of Toronto since, err, absolutely ever, and have melodies and hooks to die for. The band has its origins in an experimental indie project called KC Accidental which saw two releases on the excellent Noise Factory Label.

£8, £7 Concs. £6 Members


Mon 6 Oct, 7.30pm

Youth Performance: H-E-A-V-Y

Get a flavour of the fresh new sounds and moves from the street, with a fusion of underground music and dance from across London. Millennium Award winning young people Sati Bharwani and Uloma Edomobi have searched

London to bring together youth talent and produce H-E-A-V-Y- Heavy-Enthusiastic-Artistic-Vocal Youth.

£3, £2.50 Concs. £2 ICA Member


Friday 3 - Thursday 9 October


2 - 11 Oct

Digital Studio opening times

Nick Crowe

The work of Beck's Futures 2003-nominated artist Nick Crowe comes to the ICA in the form of his recent collaboration with Merseyside Police force.

Police Radio takes the form of a web-based radio station, but is hardly conventional fly-on-the-wall documentary. Recordings of patrols dealing with juvenile delinquency, drunken behaviour, arson and road accidents, are intercut with the individual officers' on-the-spot choice of tunes from the station play-list. The resulting 24-hour, real-time web-broadcast gives an intriguing insight into the activities of an urban police force, combined with moments of genuinely black humour.

Nick Crowe has recently had a solo show at the Chisenhale Gallery, Mobile Home and, in collaboration with Ian Rawlinson, at the Manchester Art Gallery. His commission for Beck's Futures 2003 can be seen online at Police Radio was commissioned by FACT, Liverpool.

Free with ICA Day Membership

Digital Studio

Tue 7 Oct, 6.45pm

Talk: Nick Crowe

Nick Crowe will talk informally about his work showing in the Digital Studio.

An unmissbale opportunity to listen to an artist thinking in very interesting ways about the relationship between the digital and art.

Free with Day Membership

Digital Studio

Roz Arratoon
Senior Press Officer
ICA, The Mall, London SW1 5AH
44 (0) 20 7766 1404 (Direct)
VIDEO ACTS: single channel works from the collections of Pamela and Richard Kramlich and New Art Trust.
until 19 October
"Go, be mesmerised and spread the word"
-- Guardian Guide


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