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Geraint Evans Back out on that road again...

17 January - 15 February 2004
Opening: Friday 16 January 6 - 8 pm

Wilkinson Gallery

We are pleased to present ŒBack out on that road again...¹ our second solo show of painter Geraint Evans, who lives and works in London. Evans' paintings describe the unwavering optimism and aspirations of hobbyists, enthusiasts, artists and suburban social climbers. This cast of unlikely protagonists tentatively embrace the resigned limitations of suburban and provincial life as they aspire to match the unobtainable feats of much admired role models. In ŒA Berkshire Z Boy¹ a lone, quintessentially English skate boarder makes a futile attempt to emulate his LA skate kid heroes by taking to his drained country estate pool to practice his tricks. In the ŒBig Apple¹ the snack bar is firmly shut beneath a sullen mantle of cloud as a pot bellied surfer clings to the body of his gaily painted board, his mind racing with iconic images snatched from his much watched collection of surfing videos. Oblivious to the car park full of family run-arounds, he smiles and gazes with cheerful resolve towards the incessant, yet diminutive swell of the Bristol Channel. ŒHalf pipe¹ depicts one of the numerous skateboard kids, which populate the polite middle-class streets, constructing elaborate ramps and jumps - Œbad boys¹ in quiet rebellions wishing to be anywhere else and burning with the innocent thrill of youth and possibility. Essentially many of the paintings are fictional portraits, short stories if you like. They highlight our lifestyle aspirations, and a natural instinct for some sort of individuality whilst fulfilling the expectations of an ordered society.

Geraint Evans grew up in Swansea and studied at the Royal Academy Schools. He recently had a solo show at Centro de Arte de Salamanca, Spain - a catalogue is now available.




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