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291 Gallery Events- Until 27th Nov

291 Sonic Art

s p a c e b e t w e e n
soundscapes- movement-improvised music-video
Tuesday November 25th, 8pm

space between presents, from Berlin, improvising guitarist Annette Krebs who has worked with Andrea Neumann, Axel Dörner, Radu Malfatti and Kaffe Mattews. She explores new territories between acoustic and electronics, inventing new ways of playing. Following Keith Rowe's prepared electric guitar, she has placed her acoustic guitar on a table and connected it to an electro-acoustic device, listening to sonic micro-events amplified and transformed by the movements of the microphones.
Deejay for the night, Peter Cusack plays environmental and wildlife recordings and soundscapes. He recorded Your Favourite Sounds of London CD and curated The week of Small Miracles, a large scale outdoor project in the Lea Valley area of East London. Very active in electro-acoustic and improvised musics, Cusacks musical collaborators include Clive Bell, Nick Collins, Alterations, Chris Cutler and Max Eastley.
Rachel Gomme investigates the intricate inner dance of the body. In a previous performance at 291 Gallery Longshore Drift, Gomme shifted her personal beach, grain by grain. A repeated journey creates an accumulation of experience in the body, just as individual grains of sand accumulate on the shore.
from Rome, Mike Cooper plays and performs live with video. A pivotal moment in the history of British improvised music was the day Mike Cooper decided it was OK to play loud Hawaiian guitar in the middle of a free set. The Wire
Viv Corringham and Angharad Davies improvise sound textures with voice and violin. Viv Corringham is a vocal improviser who has performed and recorded internationally since the early 1980s. Recent work has involved live improvised interactions with the London soundscape. Angharad Davies, now London-based has lived and worked in Germany for the past six years. This duo first played at the Freedom of the City festival in Spring 2003.
entry £3

291 Digital evenings

27th November 2003 7.30pm
A night of experimental film and music, featuring live laptop performances and projections. This month presenting Alan: tight angular rock which challenges and amuses and has supported the likes of Chicago Underground Duo. The Naciente Quartet: presenting new set fresh from recent gigs with limn and HiM. The HCD: Psychotronic, spite-pop drone merchants, the sound of Stereolab getting drunk with Earl Brutus and Roxy Music. Dj sets expounding sounds of great integrity. Video work addressing suburban null space, voyeurism and withdrawal. entry £3

291 Performance Party

every Sunday 6pm ... dragged up the Hackney Road - The ultimate weekly Pop Performance Party, created by performance artist Jonathan Wooster (Satanica Pandamonia) and Richard Battye (Richardette). A combination of cutting-edge drag performance fusing costume, spoken word, dance and installation all set to Richardette¹s glossy eighties soundtrack with more Bucks Fizz than you can shake a stick at. A magnificent setting for great works of madness. Starring Satanica Pandamonia, Richardette, Beverly Whispers and Lavinia Co-op. entry £4

291 Gallery is an unfunded artspace. We are currently seeking volunteers to help with administration, event management, front of house etc., for information about becoming a volunteer or about the 291 programme contact Lisa Jensen: 0207 613 5676

291 Gallery, Director Edwina Orr,
291 Hackney Road London E2 8NA
Tel:020 7613 5676
Fax: 020 7613 5692

291 has four brilliant spaces available for your Christmas party! We can offer sound systems, projected visuals, a well-stocked bar and a late licence - we can also arrange great party food from snacks to buffets.
Support our 2004 programme... be merry at 291 this Christmas....
call for details 0207 613 5676


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