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28th Nov 03 – 11th Jan 04

(Gallery Closed 23rd Dec – 2nd Jan)

Shit on a wig goes into a pub. Wig says to the landlord, “two pints of lager please.” Landlord says, “I’m not serving you two…” Wig says, “why not?”

Alcohol has fueled the careers of artists from the year dot to the day zero. The stereotype artist exchanges a painting for a glass of beer and bottles of lager prop up many a flaccid private view. The relevance of liquor surrounds and seeps into the work of many the world’s greatest, surging through the veins of artists from Van Gogh to Kippenberger. MOT has had its fair share of lost days and so it was in this festive season that we decided to dedicate an exhibition to booze, its consumption and its culpableness to the excessive.

In the spirit of complete blackout MOT will be showing work by artists who have temporarily forgotten their names. The work will be allowed to swim around on its own, divorced from its mental provider. Like ideas batted around the pub at closing time the authors will not be remembered in the morning. Had we the budget of major museums there would be many works that we would wish to borrow, but we’ve spent our budget down the pub. Rest assured that we will still find our way home and like a well seasoned pro, MOT will be able to rise to the occasion.

So with no artists to talk about why not pull up a bar stool, you might recognise some of the faces and lets finish that shit joke some bloke told me in the pub.

Landlord says, “cause you’re off your head and he’s shit faced!”

Future Exhibitions at MOT
CRUEL FAT 23rd Jan 04 - 27th Feb 04

Shaun Doyle, Colin Lowe, Sarah Lucas, Mally Mallinson, Roddy Thomson

Unit 54/5th floor Regents Studios
8 Andrews Road London E8 4QN
T +44 (0)207 923 9561
M +44 (0)7931 305 104

Open Fri, Sat, Sun 12-5 or by appointment
Bethnal Green Underground Bus 394,106,253,26,48,55,D6, D3, 8


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