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291 Gallery

Middlesex University Sonic Arts & 291 Gallery present:
Tuesday 24th June 2003 7pm £3

(An abstract vent for the seeker of sounds and images)
Breathing life into the unthinkable soundŠ - (Peyevski)
Prizing the sonic jewel from dead earsŠ - (vaporous)
the possibility for awareness of space-motion at a radicalized level - (Pynch Murkham)
This is the overtly micro-political world of sound (and corresponding feedback circuits). Is the metallic anti-symphony of the factory still your amniotic poison? Can you feel the localized vibrations of <sound> rattling through virtual machinery?
ŠWaveswarms is to travel into the depths of sound, into the swarm of an indivisible sound moment ­ to break free of the anchors of normalized sonic production and undermine the reality of segmented physical interactions. This event brings together the scurf edges of sound inception techniquesŠ genetic algorhythms, analogue modulation, interactive installations, group improvisation, vision-sound alliances etc <c below>all aiming at spraying intensity through multiple mediaŠ
Thomas Cullis : Solo set of live electronics - improvised with generative synth soundscapes, drones
Martin Robinson : current research interests are algorithmic and/or interactive control of live sound and video performances and installations. Sounds will be dissected, recombined and scattered in an improvised mix of digital sound.
Chun Lee & Konrad Kinard : incorporating Max patches for life processing and generative systems to create a performance system centrally located about feedback and gesture. Using improvisational and set quantities/controls, game structures and other strategies.
Sceening of the abstract short film Exclorescence by Glitch and Freakuency
Marina Venturini : short set screening of a-v compositions
Improvised music including acoustic/electronic instruments/sound sources and live image manipulation (Robin Warren) (music by Viv Corringham, Marina Venturini, Dave Lawrence, Aled Rees, Dave Corbett & Thomas Cullis).
Algorithmic Garden Furniture - Black Combine Harvester Style DJ/Laptop set

Sponde: Watchful Eyes - Clock, microcontroller sensor system, speaker, MIDI sound
David Corbett: Cardinal Butane - Self powered speakers, mindisc and two suspended objects

We must be re-born to the swarmŠ H. Miller
words ©2003 ARees

Thursday 26th June

This month utrophia will be promoting the launch of it's new website, with live sets from members of the cacophonic collective (recently featured on resonance fm); plus new releases from lupus yonderboy, tile, sicamore, grovesnor and the naciente quartet; guest and resident dj's, along with a range of visual pieces from stephen gordon, jon purnell, stephen molyneux, aisling hedgecock and gavin housley.
also featuring - whatever it is you wish to bring, be it video, cdr's or a favourite record, the night is open for like minded people to take part, interact and lay foundations for future projects. starting at 7pm, free before 9, £3 after.

TUESDAY 8th JULY 8pm £1

Showing a diverse range of works from accomplished short films to creative image pieces in a comfortable and relaxed seated environment with DJ interludes and MONSTER TRUCKS! Works are curated into 4 parts - to include: digital media and experimental video, short film, animation, sting/idents, audio-visualVJmixes, music video.
Creative idea and technique is key_ [4x4] screenings run on the first Tuesday of every month NB. this month's [4x4] will exceptionally be held on the second tuesday of July.

Friday 11th July 2003 9pm - 2am

Live Experiment into Breakbeat Electro Funk and Contemporary Visual Art. Featuring; live sets from Debasser, Absent Music, Stranger + Guests + 5 Decks n FXs, live Rapping hosted by Special Delivery - Imperial Leisure, Beatbox/comedy by Leigh Clark. Animation by Harold Offey and Chris Irish, Cityscape/Interactive Graffitti by Steven Walters + more to be confirmed.

291 Bar and garden is open from 6pm Tuesday-Saturday

For more information about 291 Gallery and our current and future programme contact Lisa Jensen

Transportation: Nearest underground stations are Liverpool St, Old Street and Bethnal Green. Buses - 55 from Old Street and 48 or 26 from Liverpool Street

291 Gallery
Director: Edwina Orr
291 Hackney Road, London E2 8NA
T:020 7613 5676 F:020 7613 5692
email: http//


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