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291 Gallery

FRIDAY 12th SEPTEMBER 7:00pm­2:00am

An interactive evening of electronic music, performance, new media and visual arts for paranoiacs, exhibitionists and voyeurs. Includes: a live remote web performance, rare video screenings, audio cutting, more laptops than you can shake a stick at, live visuals, DJs and much, much more. For your entertainment cameras are in operation; your conversations may be recorded for the purposes of monitoring
ARTISTS: ULF LUNDIN ­ video screenings, GREG MCLAREN - performance organ , GIOVANNI CALEMMA ­ video art , RALF NUHN ­ video art/installation, JULIUS WELBY ­ video screenings & photography, KATIA FIORENTINO - surveillance model, MARK. H ­ live visuals, MARTIN VAN ES - images, SCANNER ­ surveillance objects
MUSICIANS: MASSE ­ live, ROLEX 2$ (MELANGE RECORDS) ­ live, STUARTP ­ live, CALOGERO PACI - live, QUESTSIDE CREW ­ live surveillance PA & dj set , FABRICE MOGINI - live, (+ SPECIAL GUEST)
BAR DJs: SUZIE SPARKLE (delta 9/ravetap) , JOHN POWER (kinky voodoo) , CHRIS BAUER (rock the box) , STUARTP (don¹t fake the funk) and many more to be confirmed.


ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME? hmmmm?.are-you-looking-at-me? no...oh,.would you mind? what? looking at me. would i mind looking at you? yes. at you? yes. no. no, you wouldn't mind, or no, you wouldn't look? um. no, i wouldn't mind. looking at me? yes. ready? yes. ready? yes! - LOOK- thanks. no problem. do what? do you think you might want to, er, look at me again at some point? i don't see why not. ah. great. thanks very much. no problem. bye, then. bye.
entry £6, bar opens 6pm,

291 Live Music and Performance
East End Music Hall twisted for the new century..
THURSDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 8pm to 2am

More than just a band night... Vaudeville is a fresh take on another lost scene....
The Burlesque movement at the beginning of the last century fused together musical innovation with visual stimulation, against a backdrop of enlightened thought. Vaudeville challenges the standard live format and is bringing bands from the re-energised New Wave, Art Punk and Garage Rock scenes to perform alongside leading performance and visual artists. This genuinely open environment will witness innovative performances going head to head with live music in amongst installations, video walls, DJ¹s and little environmental surprises.
Last month Gin Palace set the place on fire, receiving a brilliant review from NME (13-19 Aug Issue). This month will see The Blood Group carve their own deep notch on Vaudeville¹s already lauded bedpost along with performance by the exotic, seductive knife-dancer Miss Killer Kiss.
Vaudeville is hosted by Benjamin Gilmour (leopard skin lounge) who plays yma sumac - april march - sammy davis jnr -connie francis -sergio mendes - chaquito - ramsey lewis - barry white - eartha kit - jimmy smith - the isley brothers - julie driscoll - the 5th dimension - senor coconut - the four tops - dave pike set - natacha atlas - corduroy - herbie hancock - george benson - les baxter - cannonball adderly - the karminsky experience
Vaudeville residents Divo and Black Mark present structured, eclectic sets between acts: The Detroit Cobras, the Gang of Four, Talking Heads, The Cramps, JSBX, Royal Trux, Bowie, Television, The White Stripes, 80's Matchbox
£6 with flyer, £7 without, £5 concessions - bar opens 6pm

291 Performance Party
Radio Egypt

weekly on Sunday 7th and 21st and 28th September 6pm - midnight
... dragged up the Hackney Road - The ultimate weekly Pop Performance Party, created by Jonathan Wooster (Satanica Pandamonia) and Richard Battye (Richardette). A combination of cutting-edge drag performance fusing costume, spoken word, dance and installation all set to Richardette¹s glossy eighties soundtrack with more Bucks Fizz than you can shake a stick at. A magnificent setting for great works of madness by performance artist Satanica Pandamonia and guest performers - with emphasis on movement and visuals, whilst devotees luxuriously revel in a superb blend of eighties mayhem.
Starring Satanica Pandamonia, Richardette, Beverly Whispers and Lavinia Co-op.
entry £4
Coming soon, Radio Egypt Afloat and The 3001st Anniversary Of The Death Of The House Of Egypt.......

For more 291 Programme information contact Lisa Jensen: 0207 613 5676
291 Gallery, Director Edwina Orr,
291 Hackney Road London E2 8NA
Tel:020 7613 5676
Fax: 020 7613 5692


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