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Gallery Forty-Seven - Segments: New Paintings by Alison Dunhill

Tuesday 14th October to Friday 17th October
Alison Dunhill presents her latest work at this gallery, opposite the British Museum.

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SEGMENTS is an exhibition of new paintings by Alison Dunhill.
Most of the work in this show has its origin in a visit the artist made to New Mexico in 1995, where "I became mesmerised by the extraordinary landscape of high, flat-topped mountains rising above desert, by the contrasting and complementary shapes of mesa and tumbleweed, by the eerie feeling of land, vibrant and immense, untouched by human beings."
A SERIES of five oil paintings, three of which are exhibited here, resulted from this trip. Each depicts the same landscape, but explores different aspects of the setting using different palettes. DunhillÕs use of colour is not naturalistic, but responds directly to the tonal relationships of the landscape. The paintings are neither abstract nor figurative, but walk the tightrope between the two.
THE NEW paintings in this exhibition take this exploration further: "When I look closely at the New Mexico paintings, I see within their detail new patterns and shapes, some abstract, some almost mini-landscapes that are independent of the naturalistic scale and reference points of the originals." BY SELECTING sections of the original paintings, then segments of the sections, Dunhill has created a new body of work which challenges the division between representational and abstract work. Her bold use of colour and texture generate a powerful visual impact that aims to stimulate and encourage the viewerÕs imagination.

THE EXHIBITION is at Gallery Forty-Seven, 47 Great Russell Street, London WC1 (opposite the British Museum)
from Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th October 2003.

The exhibition is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, except Friday when it closes at 3 pm. Entry is free.
For details see or phone 020 8567 0426.


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