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9-17 April 2004

Fri – Sun 4-6pm (other times by appointment)

‘Salience’ will take place at 27 Spital Square. Germ, Julian Latorre and Aidan McNeill explore the field of fixed imagery encapsulating common situations and representing them in their own terms.

Germ’s figurative/landscape imagery incorporates an almost subconscious dreamlike quality, by capturing situations that could so easily be forgotten leaving the viewer in states of the sublime.

Julian Latorre's work deals with the dynamic of narrative that occurs between the viewer, the subject and the presence of the photographer within the image. His images also allow the viewer to put him or herself in the position of the photographer, to elaborate whatever narrative they wish.

Aidan McNeill’s large-scale portraits, which make up the photographic series ‘the bathers’, look at a process of individuation and lead us to consider our current views of the male nude versus the female nude whilst investigating the boundaries between public and private.

27 Spital Square

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