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Drawing and Photography by Carly Fowler and Claire Lazarus

The Waiting Rooms Gallery

Drawing and Photography by Carly Fowler and Claire Lazarus

Although these two artists share a common theme, they approach their subject from very different angles. Both Carly Fowler and Claire Lazarus have taken inspiration very directly from nature, producing a group of images based on plants and flowers. This simple theme is an excellent vessel for these two talented artists to show how differently people are influenced by their surroundings and that their two wildly differing angles compliment and play off one another excellently.

Claire Lazarus is not a traditional photographer. Her richly coloured,
vibrant images are a result of various experiments in lighting and in use of
her subject matter not just as an object to be observed, but also to be
used. In her Photograms Lazarus places flowers and plants directly onto the
paper during the developing process, resulting in the photographs being
actual, physical remnants of these things. Lazarus is interested in changing
the way we see things and her images can be exciting, playful, even
unsettling at times. By changing simple aspects such as colour and viewpoint
Lazarus is able to give her subjects a new resonance, and provoke
considerations that might previously have been unlikely.

Carly Fowler’s drawings are simple, elegant images and her technical ability
and attention to detail are admirable and all-important. Her style is soft
and sensitive, as she employs an intricate use of line and tone to describe
the forms of the blossoms in front of her. The work is unashamedly
traditional, being reminiscent of perhaps botanical illustration, as she
works in the most simple of media. Fowler clearly knows how to produce an
exquisite image and it is testament to the quality of her drawings that they
encourage an examination of the simple beauty of nature.

The balance between these two very different sets of work and the artists
contrasting and complimentary angles is an interesting one. The play between
the traditional and the experimental, the delicate and the forceful and the
subtle and the outspoken makes for an exhibition from which everyone will be
able to take something and which, through comparison, will enhance the
strengths of each piece of work.

Carly Fowler graduated from Falmouth College of Art. Having worked and
exhibited in the South of England for two years, she moved to London in
1999. She currently lives in Palmers Green and works as a designer and an

Clare Lazarus is a freelance photographer, whose clients include Bacardi &
Martini Rossi, BT, Nat West Bank, NEC, Paper Chase, Pepe Jeans, Shell, The
Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, MTV and Whiskas. She currently lives and
works in Southgate.


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