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Since the turn of the year art@home has experienced a very busy time indeed! You must all need the brightness and iridescent colour found in many of our paintings form South Africa to get you though January and February! An element we all agree is inspired by the fabulous abundance of blue sky and the burning African hot sun, If you really can’t cope we would all love to see you here in Cape Town.

We have an two new artists on show at this years much anticipated Spring Affordable Art Fair, one who has just been busy designing not one but two stands at the Seventh Design Indaba Expo, held in Cape Towns innovative new Convention centre. Tracey Lynch has enjoyed several years full of commissions from local and international clients and but is now concentrating on her own work – an
Back I, David Jackson eclectic mix of east meets west within the use of medium – henna and also in subject matter. David Jackson the second of our new artists has just finished a successful exhibition at the association of Visual Artists, Cape Town – a non-profit organisation that is a fantastic platform for up and coming artists to show their work – many who have got an exhibition there have gone on to great things!
Our stand at last years AAF

While on the subject of new additions, one of our most recognised and brilliant artists Vanessa Berlein had just had a little baby boy! Born 9 th February both mother and son doing very well! “But will she be still working” I hear you cry! Yes we have made sure of that! Not so long ago Vanessa and her husband Jamie renovated a beautiful old house in Gardens, and included a wonderful new studio for Vanessa, we look forward to seeing her new works inspired by her new role in life…

Francois Irvine has been a very busy man, especially as so many of you have bought his works recently, we have even had disappointment as a client went to buy a work which had already been sold an hour before! The reason for Francois efficient and frantic production of so many works is due to embarking on renovating an industrial loft in Salt River with his boyfriend. This has left them somewhat homeless and has resorted in living in his studio! Not such a bad life as recently when my mother came to visit, she accompanied me to a meeting with Francois and promptly text my father saying she wasn’t coming home she was moving in with Francois – she fell in love with the gorgeous high pitched ceilings, white washed walls and amazing light and the best bit of all, rose petals drying on the table - a past time Francois l0ves to partake in!

Enough from me, suffice to say that all are artists are busy, some are working towards very exciting exhibitions, Kate Gottgens has an exhibition at The Urma Stern Gallery at the end of the year and Tay Dall is working on two very important and exciting conceptual shows that we will be bringing to London very very soon! But in the mean time I look forward to seeing you all at the Spring Affordable Art Fair 17th – 21st march 2004, stand K5 and please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information on or tickets to the AAF or future exhibitions.

Thank you to all for your support and may it continue! And please remember that all my works are on display even when I am not in London, so have a look at the website and I can e-mail you to let you know where a particular work is or visit

• The Collection, 76 New Kings Road, London SW6
• Mish Mash, 535 Battersea Park Road, London SW11
• JVB, 45 Pimilico Road, London, SW3
• Toute Bagai, 160 Wandsworth Bridge Road, London, SW6 2UH
• Gifted, 10 princes Crescent, Lyndhurst, Hampshire

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