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Katherine Lubar’s appeal as an artist is her remarkable ability to portray everyday objects as striking images that stride out of colourful spaces. Her first solo show at Signatures Gallery LTD in St James’s, London, entitled ‘Broken Space’, demonstrates she has that unique gift to create an image that will haunt the imagination of the viewer and fascinate with its beauty and its honesty. The exhibition will run from Monday 27th June until Saturday 23rd July, 2005.

This arresting exhibition, containing her latest works of acrylic on panel paintings and some of her earlier works, is full of everyday objects such as a TV, windows and a lamppost. Her style could be described as a ‘minimalist version of urban realism’. Yet her paintings are certainly not of the ordinary, as she gives these everyday objects an importance and elegance not often associated with their practical real life existence. Her works radiate strong light with long shadows and wonderful colour.

Her ability has attracted the acclaim of respected curators such as Dorothy Masterson, Director of the MADI Museum in Dallas, who likens her work to that of the well known American minimalist artist Ellsworth Kelly. "Katherine Lubar's work has a depth that fascinates, while the canvas remains minimal and flat. She has taken reality and reduced it to purist abstraction, and she does it better than Ellsworth Kelly," enthuses Masterson.

Katherine herself says, "All my work is based on what I see in the world around me. Everyone sees the world differently, therefore there is no such thing as an objective 'Real Space'. My work is my Real Space - these are the aspects of everyday objects that jump out at me; their line and shape and how light acts upon them. I take images from my visual reality and distill them into geometric shapes, removing any unnecessary detail to create a new kind of space, full of colour and geometry. This I call a ‘Broken Space’; broken into geometrical patterns consisting of light and shadow and positive and negative space. Use of arbitrary colour and the abstraction of shapes decreases emphasis on the 'object'. Hopefully after looking at my work, people will then see those objects in a different way."

Originally from the United States, Katherine Lubar has lived in London for the past 12 years, gaining a postgraduate Diploma in Painting from the City and Guilds of London Art School in 1999. Lubar has exhibited extensively in the UK in both solo and group shows, including at The Royal College of Art, The Mall Galleries, Red Cross Charity Auction with Eyestorm, The Oxo Tower and The Camden Roundhouse. She is now showing on an international level, exhibiting in a show at the MADI Museum in Dallas in 2004 and in a touring show entitled ‘Celebration of Geometric Art' that began in Naples in 2004, is currently at the MADI Museum in Dallas and will continue on to venues in Florida and Paris.

Her work is becoming widely appreciated and can be found in private and public collections worldwide, including the UK Department of Education and Employment, the MADI Museum in Dallas, and private collections in the UK, US, France & Germany.

Katherine Lubar - Broken Space: 27 June – 23 July 2005
Signatures Gallery LTD, 38 Duke Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y 6DF.
Opening Hours: Tues. – Fri. 10:30am to 5:30pm (Late Thurs. to 7pm). Sat. 11am to 4pm.
There will be a private evening viewing on 28th June.


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