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May 11th – June 17th 2005

Hamiltons Gallery is delighted to announce the forthcoming show of sculptures by Richard Hudson.

British artist Richard Hudson has exhibited extensively in Spain where he now lives and works, this will be his first solo show in the UK. From his base in Spain he has built up an international reputation as one the major artists working with sculpture today. He has exhibited in Europe and the US and is featured in some of the biggest private collections in the world.

The museum of Contemporary Modern art in Madrid features work by Hudson and he had been nominated to produce a piece for the 2012 Olympics in Madrid.

Semi figurative abstract sculpture is a term that loosely describes Hudson’s work. During an interview in March 2005 at the Tate’s “The Human Figure in British Art from Moore to Gormley”, Richard Hudson talks about his work with Cressida Connolly:

Cresida Connolly: What would you say your work is about? Is it more about the human body, or more about the line?

Richard Hudson: It’s all about the line. I’m trying to take the delicacy of a line, like you’d find in a pencil drawing, and lend it solidity through the volume of bronze. Line is the most important thing, to me. The continuity of it. I want people to be able to look at a piece and follow a smooth, graceful line all the way around and back to the beginning again, without any break. I like sculpture that flows.


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