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 Richard Jackson at Hauser & Wirth

Hauser & Wirth, London is proud to present a new exhibition by US artist Richard Jackson - with two site specific installations that will feature in the Piccadilly gallery from June 2nd - July 23rd.

The new works, entitled The Pink Empire and Confusion in the Vault Room are hand-made installations by Jackson, a West Coast artist renowned for his visceral, colourful and frequently explosive approach to painting and installation.

With both installations, the remains of painterly activity are everywhere - as if a performance has just taken place, paint is splattered on the floors and walls of the installation - a woman vomits black paint onto a white bear, whilst the bear in turn drips white paint from its nose.

Jackson has designed painting machines out of cars, lawnmowers and motorcycles - continually experimenting, and pushing the medium of painting to its limits.


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