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 The Waiting Room

Waiting for Sunday, the out of the ordinary weekly gig night at The Waiting Room Vegetarian Restaurant in Eaglescliffe presents a marvellous line up of acts over the coming weeks and months; jazz, folk, perfect pop, reggae, electronica, international poets, album launches, cabaret darlings, and many unexpected twists and eventualities are promised as the magical night of a thousand mystery tours unfurls its wonder into the summer.

All shows are £15 including a set menu of souperb vegetarian delights.


APR 10th Noel Dennis
Trumpeteer with the hot-flugel-horn. Playing cool-breeze over a balmy skyline night stealers.

Apr 17th Pip Dylan (Fence Collective)
Acoustic country virtuoso who began his solo musical journey after separating from his Fence twin – Lone Pigeon with a two year hermitage on the island of Mull with only a mouthie, he then hauled his half size double bass across much of continental Europe at the bidding of the Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra, becoming proficient both in slap bass and blisters. Over the summer of '92, Pip Dylan let his hands heal whilst mastering the five-string banjo. A year later, he'd got his mitts on a guitar, and was soon able to flat and finger pick with the best of them. Then came a trip to Spain and flamenco was added to an already impressive range of guitar styles…A must see show by a multifariously facetted north country boy.

Apr 24th Gobbleracket
Kev Howard on didgeridoos and deep chant and Milo Thelwall on fiddle, vocals, bodhran and harmonica. An esoteric mix of contemporary and traditional folk and tribal music from the heart of the earth to edges of the universe, and beyond.

May 1st Andy Johnson, Album Launch
Andy Johnson and his Wildcat friends will present playful arrangements of Andy’s latest album tracks, plus some old favourites and a few secret gems.
Wicked Wicked Ways is half jerky funky grooves, half punky pop songs and ponders such subjects as sexual harrassment, the motivation of strippers, pessimism and teenagers growing up too fast “Funky, punky, loopy and lavish”

May 8th Donnelly & Fisk play Gypsy Jazz
Fantastic hot club café chemistry between Paul ‘Djangly’ Donnelly and Emma ‘Stephany’ Fisk.

May 15th The Black & White Shaman Show
Epic Poetry with music and sound effects:

Andy Willoughby presents: In The Court of the Twocca Crow King An epic piece of spoken word performance, with music and sound effects, taking you on a shamanic voyage into the history of Eston Hills.

Bob Beagrie presents: The Bard
A sequence of 3 poems written in response to the painting entitled The Last Bard through a dualogue by two onlookers who spot the contemporary bard on a tower above the Middlesbrough townscape.

Accompanied by live music and sound effects from Gobble Racket.

May 22nd Ben Wetherill
Gorgeous buckley/skellern!esque voiced sweet singing sensation, Ben is an old school gentile English gentleman with a beautifully poetic sensitivity for his material which he sings and plays with heart-lifting, heart-breaking brilliance. He is unremittingly captivating to anybody and everybody within the merest earshot.

"Sunday at the Waiting Room, Eaglescliffe and the extremely talented Mr Benjamin Wetherill holds a room of eaters and greeters under a spell. The young man in the smart suit with the voice of an angel plays George Formby on the acoustic guitar and Bob Dylan on the uke. He also plays one stunning self-composition after another, from the fragrant “Woodland Whites” to the touching “Spring Curls.” Absolutely delightful." – review by Rob Nichols.

May 29th Derrick Brown
Hot shot American poet, music man and long distance motor biker breezing in to Eaglescliffe from Californ Eye Aye via Paris on his latest tour of Europe.

Brown has garnered a strong reputation for his shows that are as amazingly naked, brilliant and sincere as they are on the page. His lines sting (you are an electric chair disguised as a la-z-boy), or (I am worn like the steps to a childrens mortuary,) they offer hope (Its not that I wait for you, its that my arms are doors I cannot close) and are often scintillating, (her skin is rehab for sandpaper junkies.)

"That poem has to be one of the greatest love poems ever written."
-Marc Smith, author and creator of The National Poetry Slam.
"A wonderful, wonderful show." -Nora Dunn, Saturday Night Live.
"Sincere, twisted and violently romantic. One of the best poets in Southern California."-OC Weekly.
Read Derrick Brown and then go fly kites with people in the park. He may get in your head and rearrange your slang. Beware. Check out

June 5th Magic I
AFTER winter locked in a tiny caravan on the North York Moors, playing deep space dub and classic hits to chickens and geese, Magic-I start their Sweet Summer Reggae tour at THE WAITING ROOM, playing mellow and strong while you eat your food, feeding you with music pure and good. An emerging band not to be missed. JAH sweeter than sweet, coming like a hurricane, to keep yopu sane.

June 12th Mercedes Acoustic
Teesside’s big signing have just gone down a storm supporting Sophie B Hawkins on tour with this their soft bellied acoutic underside. Mercedes have just launched their latest single reviewed in the Daily Star this week…"Wow! tracks don't get more anthemic, emotive or widescreen than this.
mercedes have delivered a single that comes off like Juliee Cruise singing the best tune Coldplay never wrote, yeah THAT good!" 4/5 Neil Batey - The Daily Star '05

June 20th (Monday) Jill Hepburn
“Jill sings with a floaty, dreamy voice. The guitar slips along cocktail jazz style, if you follow. Groovy. Classy. Delightful. Cutesy as can be.
Above all totally charming.” - Rob Nichols.

June 26th ISAN
Handsome electronica by these sensitive exponents signed to German label Morr Music Check out and

July 3rd Roll a Penny
Elements of jazz, bluegrass, reggae and 'folk'. Can be heard through their traditional and contemporary songs and tunes. Katie Doherty is a phenomenal singer, whose voice has limitless appeal, backed by the exciting and inventive playing of piano, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and bouzouki.

July 6th (Weds) Vancouver Performance Poets
Gold medal winning Slammers, funk musicians and beat-box rappers on European tour.

July 10th Shaun ‘Blackeye’ Lennox
Twisted soul lyrics spin through this jazzed out blues. Low down and dirty road grit voice of an angel

July 17th Bom-Bane and Pynn
“Jane Bom-Bane sits behind a tartan clad harmonium, the mystical musical accompaniment for a wonderful whirl of home baked surreal prose whilst a model express train spirals around the magnificent edifice crowning her head. Her voice is pure children’s tv. Watch with Mother as it used to be.
To her right Nick Pynn plucks at stringed instruments of all shapes and sizes whilst sampling and building symphonies of sound. He then moves to a table bearing half filled wine glasses, winds his finger round the rims and again records and builds incredible music from the weeping sounds. Back to Jane, another song another hat. A quick pull on a drawstring and it is a snow scene with the staff of the Waiting Room engulfed in a blizzard.”
– Review by Rob Nichols Dec 04

July 24th Citizen Zeitgeist and the Vain Glorious Watch this space



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