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 "The Girl in the Mirror" by Ingvild L. Holm

I am interested in exploring identity in relation to landscapes and spaces and how these work as metaphors for emotional states. In my work I often include elements of fairy tales to evoke a childlike perception of the location. I have been researching how contemporary artists have dealt with and presented the fairy tale. My main influences are painter Paula Rego, director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, author Angela Carter and photographers Sarah Moon and Robert Doisneau. Although based in London I frequently revisit my hometown in Norway where I tend produce my work. The images shown are a selection made from three separate projects done over the past three years.

My most recent body of work is "The Girl in the Mirror" which consists of a small book of images. In this project I set out to explore the subject of childhood. I acted as both model and photographer, using the camera like a mirror. The process of my image making was one of intuition. The images were made after I got out of bed, in the middle of the night, or in between daily routines, reflecting my emotional state at those times, emotions also experienced as a child.

In the second project I was particularly interested in using colour as symbolism and creating the landscapes I had imagined in my childhood while reading fairy tales. Each image suggests a narrative without a defined beginning or end. I wanted to emphasise the sense of loneliness and vulnerability experienced as a child by placing the small person in the huge, but at the same time, claustrophobic landscapes.

The final project is an ongoing project consisting of a large number of Polaroid pictures. The images are a documentation of my everyday life.

Ingvild L. Holm graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design in 2004 with a BA (hons) in Editorial & Advertising Photography. She then moved to London to pursue a photographic career.

The first time she exhibited her work was in 1998 when she was the youngest contributor at one of the most important yearly events in the Norwegian art scene, The Governmental
Norwegian Autumn Exhibition in Oslo, Norway. In 2002 she was commissioned by the Norwegian embassy to produce a photographic image for their promotional calendar. In June 2004 she won a merit award in the Association Of Photographers Student Awards, A series of five pictures were exhibited as well as being published in Image magazine.

Additionally she has been part of several group exhibitions in the UK amongst which, This Living Thing at the Royal Society of Art, London, June 2004. The show was a collaboration between 35 photographers resulting in a book production and book launch.


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