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 This Is A Test James Ireland

Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham

Saturday 21st May – Saturday 9th July 2005

Ireland asks you to consider what signifiers seduce you into buying his illusion. Can we really find the sea in a synthetic bag…These elements ground us in the here and now, leaving us with just one foot into his other offered world. (Alicia Miller)

Angel Row Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by James Ireland. Ireland has received international acclaim for his work, which uses mass produced objects and found images to conjure up sublime illusions of idyllic landscapes.

The show will feature two new commissions for Angel Row Gallery . The first commission is a film produced from hundreds of images of the sun, with each image providing one individual frame, the second is a site specific sculptural installation.

The exhibition also features sculptures from a new series of work created over the past year. This new work has evolved from Ireland’s previous use of mass produced objects such as buckets and shelves which can be found in standardised sizes the world over. Taking these measurements as the basis of his sculptures, Ireland has generated ten separate standard sized elements made in steel which can be recombined in thousands of different ways. These works explore the myriad possibilities of these combinations,and engage with mathematical ideas of universal truth.

All of the work in the show develops Ireland’s interest in the deconstruction of nature, questioning conceptions of the ‘natural’ and the representation of landscape defined by mass-culture. By arranging simple, easily recognizable domestic and mass produced objects, such as lights, plastic bags, book pages and concrete blocks, Ireland creates the epic out of the mundane, providing us with brief glimpses of exotic locations and perfect vistas. Refusing a coherent representational concept of landscape he plays with our desire for the far away, the beautiful and the sublime through our interactions with the everyday, man-made world, and unpicks the seams that bind our idea of ‘natural’ beauty together.

This exhibition is Ireland’s first solo show since the completion of his residency at Spike Island, Bristol in 2003.

James Ireland is currently represented by FA projects, London.


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