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Artist Drags TV by Ear in Protest - Mark McGowan

MILAN (Reuters) - Artist Drags TV by Ear in Protest
British performance artist Mark McGowan dragged a television roped to his ear through Milan on Wednesday to protest against what he called excessive political control over the media in Italy and other countries. His head bandaged to hold the rope, he said he was heading for the headquarters of Fininvest, the holding company of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. "I'm going to bring it down to Silvio," said McGowan, who scooted along on his backside through a central square, attracting puzzled looks from passers-by. He said he had covered one km (a half mile) and had another three to go. Berlusconi, Italy's wealthiest man, owns Mediaset, the largest commercial broadcaster, through Fininvest. As prime minister, he also influences programing at state broadcaster RAI. McGowan's other exploits have included pushing a nut with his nose through London to the prime minister's residence at 10 Downing Street to protest against high education costs.


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