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All Media Production Shop Extra Ordinaire
C/ Palma de Sant Just, 9ab
08002 Barcelona

Hibernate - Greyscale






Love Me Love My Plug
In The Designers Republic


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Maxalot Concept.
Maxalot is a platform for exploring the artistic value of graphic design. Our concept reflects the changes in society: the digital boom and an explosion of techniques, tried by many but mastered by few.
Maxalot is headed up by Max Akkerman (former creative director at Club Baby, Amsterdam) and Lotje Sodderland (former features editor at niche magazine Baby, Amsterdam).
Maxalot Gallery.
A newly-renovated space in one of Europe's creative hotspots, Maxalot Gallery exposes work by graphic designers and digital artists who are leaders in the commercial industry. We present their non-commercial work as a contemporary art-form. The outstanding technical skill blended with the creative abilities of these artists produce spectacular results in many media.
Maxalot Shop.
Maxalot offers limited edition prints of the exhibited works for sale. We also sell design goodies and accessories for boys and girls. is the global outlet for our products.



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First Colour printing service in in central London Westminster, Covent Garden and West End. Services include litho printing, digital services, copying & binding, posters & banners and graphic design.    

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