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CUT IT OUT : Banksy Book


CUT IT OUT , the third book by the renowned and irrepressible graffiti
artist BANKSY is published on May 25th 2004. The full-colour Banksy pocketbooks of vandalism and pub philosophy have become a must-have item for anyone who has ever smiled at a toilet wall or felt paint could make the world a slightly more interesting place. His previous two instalments - BANGING YOUR HEAD AGAINST A BRICK WALL and EXISTENCILISM have sold over 70,000 copies.

Banksy has enhanced street corners and rooftops across the world with
images of monkeys, rats and pointed political statements. Dubbed "Britain's
most notorious graffiti artist" by the national press he has painted inside
the animal enclosures of many of the world's most prestigious zoo's,
installed his own 3 tonne sculpture on a plinth in central London and glued
his own oil paintings onto the walls of the Tate Gallery and the Louvre
Museum. Last year he exhibited a collection of spray painted live farmyard
animals in a London warehouse and was featured on Crimewatch Uk.

CUT IT OUT contains never before seen pictures of some shocking graffiti
adventures, behind the scenes footage of the artist in action and a how-to
guide to bringing society to its knees.

Advance orders on Amazon, the online bookseller, indicate this small
self-published book of backstreet vandalism will enter the bestsellers chart
top ten, despite the artist refusing to put his name on the cover.

Banksy supplied the cover artwork for 2003 album of the year, Blur’s ‘Think Tank’, and also provided the concept for the design of CND’s Wrong War Campaign.

CUT IT OUT retails at £4.99 from all good bookshops and online from

The publication of CUT IT OUT will be accompanied by the public unveiling of
Banksy's latest large scale street sculpture. To receive details of date and
location register at


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