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Open 16-17 April // 10 – 7pm. Free Entry

‘PAINT’ is an exhibition of young student and graduate artists working extensively in paint. Selected predominantly from London’s art schools, the artists (ranging from first year St. Martin’s students to Slade graduates) take strikingly different and original approaches to handling and experimenting with paint.

The show not only offers a rare chance for young British artists to exhibit and sell works, but also a golden opportunity for the public (both in and out of the art world) to experience and buy first hand.

Roger Hilton, pioneer in the field of Modern British Painting, once said “The Greatest artist will be the one who most completely lets the medium shoulder the idea”.

‘PAINT’ works on this same premise. The artists are chosen for their fresh eyes on an established medium, working in spite of (and because of) advances in digital media and the popularity of Conceptual Art. There is no definitive style to the show and we are not grooming a new artistic movement. What PAINT does offer, however, is an insight into the fresh, unperturbed, vibrant and intelligent approaches being taken to the medium that has, more than once, been declared dead.


Candid Gallery
3 Torrens Street



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