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New blog devoted to men's fashion and style icons blends reverence and irreverence

(LOS ANGELES), a blog devoted to film, fashion, literature and style icons, has launched and quickly become the Web's leading resource on dandyism. The site takes a refreshingly unpompous look at masculine panache, blending a reverence for brands such as Ralph Lauren Purple Label and Paul Smith, literacy in classic dandy texts, and admiration for all men who combine wit and style with sangfroid and a spirit of independence.

"It's time to rescue dandyism — the word and the concept — from the dust-covered armoire of history," said founder Christian M. Chensvold in an interview with himself. "My goal is to extricate 'dandy' from the pejorative and restore it into contemporary nomenclature." freely juxtaposes David Bowie and Cary Grant, Tom Wolfe and OutKast's Andre 3000, Oscar Wilde and Salvador Dali. All men harken back to the same archetype: The dandy.

"What Chensvold has done is quite revolutionary," said San Francisco Chronicle contributing writer Daedalus Howell. "Not only has he rescued dandyism from crusty academics and put it in the mind of the enlightened populace, he's developed a news-driven webzine about something most people thought went out with the horse and buggy. And like the best niche sites, it’s a prism that refracts a new and refreshing vision of the world, not just that of the dandy.” offers news on dandyish films (such as the upcoming US release of Evelyn Waugh's "Bright Young Things"), new books, fashion designers, stylish travelogues, and a penchant for blending high culture and humor. There are also chapters on the history of dandyism for the initiate, and an extensive reading list.

Based in Los Angeles and maintained by writer Christian M. Chensvold (L'Uomo Vogue, Robb Report, Sportswear International), has a growing roster of contributing columnists and bloggers from the world's great culture capitals, and will soon feature exclusive interviews with today's most stylish men.


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