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James Cauty

The Aquarium in association with Blacksmoke proudly present a new edition of prints.

4th, 5th and 6th Class by James Cauty

A set of three prints featuring the Queen's bust wearing a gas mask.

26" x 24" pigment prints on 260 gsm semi-gloss archival paper in a limited edition of £150
signed and numbered by the artist.

£195 inc. VAT each

Also available soon: BLACKOFF size, media & limitation to be confirmed

Images are available on request.

A version of 4th Class will be making an appearance at the Port Elliot Literary Festival.
For further information click here

Born in Liverpool, the artist & musician James Cauty – cofounder of legendary bands The Orb and KLF, and art activists K-Foundation – created Blacksmoke in 2003. It is an occasional art collective and musical group, focusing on issues of global environmental concern. The first release was a series entitled 'Blacksmoke Stamps of Mass Destruction' in response to the war on Iraq. That artwork appeared dramatically on the front cover of The Times newspaper on the 4th June 2003 due to the fuss the Royal Mail made over an alleged breach of copyright. More recently the Royal Mail have used legal muscle to force a small London gallery to withdraw their set of prints from sale. Their request that the prints be either destroyed or given to them is still under dispute.

In conjunction with the publication of this new set of prints The Aquarium will also be offering for sale a set of prints created by STOT21stCplanB. Individually titled ‘Lick My Arse’, ‘Lock Him Up & Throw Away the Key the Thieving Talentless Cunt!’ and ‘We Always Hurt the Ones We Love’ these images have been badly copied from the Blacksmoke Stamps of Mass Destruction and are collectively known as the 3rd Rate Jimmy Cauty Rip-off Stamps. Little is known about STOT21stCplanB.

Images available on request.

For further information, images or to arrange an interview with James Cauty contact Steven Lowe - - tel: 0207 387 8417

The Aquarium
10 Woburn Walk
London WC1H 0JL
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7387 8417



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