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Usher Gallery, Lindum Rd, Lincoln


Marks in Space: drawing and Sculptural Form
13 July * 24 October
This exhibition explores the different ways in which drawing operates in relation to contemporary sculpture. It explores the ways in which sculptural objects themselves act as spatial drawings, and how drawing within three-dimensions generates a sculptural space. The relationship of sculptural objects to their plans and installation instructions will be revealed, and the impact of 3D computer imaging and prototyping demonstrated. These typologies of drawing complement and contrast with more established notions, of drawing as a process to develop sculptural form, or drawing as a means to envisage objects in space. Includes work by Stefan Gec, Richard long, Richard Wilson, Susan Hiller, Anya gallacio, Liam Gillick, Edward Allington, and many others. Arts Council Collection, Hayward Gallery, London

Adults £1.00 (Concs 60p)

Pak keung Wan
Pak will be working from the Usher Gallery most Tuesday and Wednesdays throughout September and October. His work focuses on drawing, in particular the process of drawing in this case a drawing where 'phenomena are involved as well as a head for heights'.
The resultant artwork will be incorporated into the exhibition Marks In Space. Free

Holyball Exercises and Exorcisms
17 November-28 November
Samson Kambalu, part Decibel Live programme with live performances in the gallery on
Friday 19 November 3-5pm
Saturday 20 November 2-4pm
Wednesday 24 November 7-9pm
Thursday 25 November 7-9pm

Summer Activities
Children's workshops
August summer fun workshops especially designed for the budding young artist Wednesday 4,11,18 and Friday 6, 13 and 20 of August. All sessions are artist led with all materials provided. £3.50 per session, (or £15 for all six) 5-7 years sessions 10-12am
8-11 years 2-4pm


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